Robert Leshner Confidently Says CeFi Will Embrace DeFi
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Robert Leshner Confidently Says CeFi Will Embrace DeFi

December 16, 2020      Vandana Malik

Robert Leshner, the founder of Compound Finance, has said that CeFi is having the potential to embrace DeFi. According to him, it has already started showing signs of the same. He made several statements at the Global DeFi and Blockchain Virtual Summit, REDeFINE TOMORROW, in Bangkok. 

Along with giving a view on CeFi and DeFi, Robert Leshner also talked about issues related to Ethereum and decentralized governance advantages. 

Robert Leshner Was Asked About DeFi’s Integration With CeFi

Mukaya Panich, chief venture and investment officer of event sponsors SCB 10X and host at REDeFINE TOMORROW, asked Robert Leshner about DeFi’s integration with CeFi. He responded by saying that this integration will fill up the gap between the two. Along with this, businesses will start using DeFi for their back-end operations that will ultimately result in improving the user’s experience. 

While highlighting how CeFi will embrace DeFi, Robert Leshner also mentioned some issues with Ethereum. He highlighted all the limitations of Ethereum and claimed it to be slow and expensive, which might be a hurdle for DeFi as the majority of DeFi projects are built on Ethereum only. He also mentioned that Ethereum is not viable to use for small transactions and stated:

“The more transactions, the more it will crowd out small balances.”

Decentralized Governance Evolves Slowly 

Moving on further, Robert Leshner also talked about both advantages and disadvantages of decentralized governance. He believes that in decentralized governance, anyone is not able to maliciously ruin the protocol. Another advantage is that anyone who is interested will be able to collectively upgrade the platform. However, he mentioned that with decentralized governance, there are slower governance decisions and it also takes time to evolve. He also compared decentralized governance with Bitcoin as it is highly predictable and very slow to evolve. Leshner claimed that over time, more real-world assets will be added to the Ethereum blockchain.

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Vandana Malik
Vandana Malik

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