Satoshi Wanted To Protect Network With GPU Mining, Reports Laszlo Hanyecz

May 30, 2020   (0)   Jyoti Singh

The early developer of Bitcoin who had worked with the Bitcoin creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, in the year 2010, has recently stated that Satoshi pre-invented a Bitcoin GPU mining to protect the network.

Satoshi’s Mail To Hanyecz

The very first person who made the real-world transaction of the Bitcoin, Laszlo Hanyecz, also gets the credit for inventing Bitcoin GPU mining.

Hanyecz mentioned that although Satoshi has invented the Bitcoin GPU mining before him, Hanyecz also had many of the versions of its algorithm.

Hanyecz further stated that he once posted about GPU miner and in response to that post, he received a very first mail from Satoshi.

Satoshi in his mail stated that he was not very happy about the GPU miner. He further said, “Hey, can you go slow with this? <..> Look, I don’t care if people hoard the Bitcoin, I don’t care if the wealth is concentrated. But right now, the big attraction is that anybody can download Bitcoin and start mining with their laptop”.

Haneycz Apologises Satoshi

According to Haneycz, Satoshi was very well aware of the fact that in the future Bitcoin mining would rise as an industry, but he did not want it to introduce so fast because the mining would have affected the adoption of the Bitcoin.

Later, Haneycz sent an apology mail to Satoshi for threatening his project, in reply Satoshi asked Haneycz to remove the post.

One some other occasion, Hanyecz again send a mail to Satoshi which has to his code for GPU miner project.

Hanyecz further mentioned that Satoshi was concerned about the adversarial attack on the network, therefore, to be in the safe side, he also shared his code versions with Hanyecz.

It is to be noted that Satoshi had so many versions of the code but it was Hayencz’s version that performed better.

Additionally, Hanyecz stated that he had a feeling at that time that Satoshi did not want to enhance the GPU mining project too early, as he did not want to boost difficulty on the network.

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