Scammers are Sending Fake Ledger Wallets to Steal Cryptocurrencies
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Scammers are Sending Fake Ledger Wallets to Steal Cryptocurrencies

June 19, 2021      Jafrin Ahmed

Scammers are sending fake Ledger replacement devices to the victims of hacked users exposed in the recent Ledger data breach in order to steal their cryptocurrencies.

Victims Of Ledger Hack Receives Fake Hardware Wallet

Victims of hacked customer data held by Ledger, which happened almost a year ago are still being targeted by scammers.

Over 1 million victims of the hack had their details exposed, including their names, phone numbers, and email addresses with more than 200,000 people also having their home addresses being exposed.

Now, scammers have taken a new turn by mailing the same hacked victims fake replacement devices in order to steal their private seeds.

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A Reddit user initially reported receiving a fake Ledger Nano X device in the mail in an authentic-looking package which included a letter stating the user needed to replace their current wallet for safety reasons.

In a Ledger blog post on June 17th, explaining the scam, the company said the box includes a fake letter explaining the “need to replace your existing hardware wallet to secure your funds. This is a scam. The Ledger Nano is fake.”

Fake Wallets Designed to Steal User’s Cryptocurrencies

The device came in an authentic-looking packaging, with a poorly written letter explaining that the device was sent to replace their existing purportedly signed by Ledger CEO Pascal Gauthier.

By tampering with the device, the malicious actors hope to get the victims typing in their recovery words into the fake app, which would enable them to take control of the victim’s funds and gain access to the funds.

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Last year, customers of Ledgers suffered two significant data leaks, with the first that took place on July 14, when an unidentified third party accessed over one million emails and 9,500 addresses of its customers. The second happened on December 20 when the information was leaked to the internet for free, resulting in a series of phishing and scam attacks by mail.

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