Scoring 47 US States – Robinhood Crypto Expanding its Reach
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Scoring 47 US States – Robinhood Crypto Expanding its Reach

November 1, 2019      Cryptoknowmics

Scoring 47 US States – Robinhood Crypto Expanding its Reach


Robinhood, investment app provider has accomplished in expansion in Delaware, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Vermont, as per an announcement. The company was already providing the commission-free trade in cryptocurrency to 39 different states of the US and with this recent success, the count has increased to 47 states.


The recent success has boosted the morale of the company and it will continue to progress as per the statement released by Robinhood cryptofirm. 

With the current trade set in 7 cryptocurrencies the company is growing its operations and is hiring the top business practitioners. The recent addition to the firm has been that of Mr. Sina Nadar as the head. His expertise will help in expanding the business and creating a secure environment. Mr. Nadar has been working as a director of Cryptocurrency Capital (private investment firm) and has also been with brands such as Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse.


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Operating in Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), etc, the company came into existence in February of 2018, with official licensing to trade and operate in cryptocurrency, the journey has been phenomenal. UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has also given its permission to operate nationwide, new market opportunities are now open for this investment app. 


Robinhood crypto firmis also considered to be one of the most successful firms in securing the Series E funding of $323 million in 2019. The company has shown great leadership qualities by establishing a secure network where multiple layers of approvals make it sure that unauthorized access could be barred at different levels.


The commission-free system of trading has an advanced insurance policy to fight a criminal offense such as cybersecurity breaches as the number of users accessing the app is growing rapidly. With new technical features, the company is bringing new reforms in the world of cryptocurrency and can be a potential change of face in the industry.

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