Serving the society , reshaping the world, where faith makes you optimistic!
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Serving the society , reshaping the world, where faith makes you optimistic!

December 12, 2019      Cryptoknowmics


Serving the society, reshaping the world, where faith makes you optimistic!

As the mobile Internet dividend has ended, the front-end platforms such as social media, media, payment, and O2O have been greatly diminished. The next wealth dividend outlet is “Technology-driven, back-end innovation” incorporating into industries such as “logistics, corporate services, retail, education, healthcare, and much more!”

Technology cannot change the world, but it can modernize the business system and wealth distribution! The birth and application of blockchain technology has ushered in the dividends of global policies around the world and has reached an amazing new height. Overnight, blockchain, like its technology itself, has become a global hot spot!

The first three industrial revolutions are revolutions in efficiencies, and the fourth industrial revolution in progress involves also the efficiency dimension but focuses on fairness and equity. The real great significance of the blockchain is that it provides an opportunity to resolve fairness relating to productions.

This is the “Department of Change, Internet of Value and Reshaping the World” … Faced with this new evolution of blockchain, the external world has given it a recognition. One of the core meaning to this is the reconstruction of “social trust”, or an upgraded version of “digital trust”.

REC stands for RE-define Chain. RE stands for Redefinition, Rebirth, Reconstruction and Reshaping. Newly constructed rules, Re-establishes a new value system, which helps mankind Reignite their new passion for life!

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C represents the Chain, whilst the arrow of the icon represents the forward movement, the future, symbolizes vitality, and the circle represents the planet’s endless ecological and continuous exchange cycle.

Vision: Reshape the digital economy, to enjoy the wealth of the planet via the chain system ,where faith will make you free.

Mission: Enriching the life of the society and mankind!

Values: “The way you want others to treat you, is the way you treat others”

The main structure of the REC main chain is a classic six-layers blockchain architecture, including an application layer, consensus layer, incentive layer, contract layer, network layer, and data layer. Relying on the most advanced blockchain technology and meticulous cryptography, mathematics, finance, marketing, etc., a set of public chain system consistent with humanity, openness, and fairness in asset values, wealth distribution has been established. This is the application group of a planet ecological pool. Let technology and capital market to better serve the interests of the community, and allow the assets that run along the trends of economic law to continue to increase in value during its significant changes.

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REC is born for the benefit sharing of its followers. Global followers can participate in the asset creation and wealth redistribution through REC when a project is issued. The originator and technical team can quickly promote the application of the release chain through REC. The general public expects that accessible and anonymous social networking and cross-chain transactions around the world to be achieved. The creators of the blockchain will enjoy better resource reorganization and allocation through the chain ecosystem.

Future Outlook :

Decentralized exchanges and wallets
REC has taken the lead in creating a completely decentralized cross-chain exchange and wallet, so that secured digital asset transactions are no longer on paper, and the REC and other digital assets are stored and circulated in the safest, most convenient and cost-efficient approach.

  1. Flexibility and at your leisure
    REC’s fairness open platform has no database from third parties, and there is no need to remit funds to anyone. There are no accounts, and you can use your personal cryptocurrency wallet directly. You will always be the controller of your own finances, without entrusting it to another database owner.
  2. Chain payment
    REC is working hard to build a completely decentralized payment ecosystem and cross-border settlement. It will eventually support cross-border commerce malls on-chain and open multi-currency cross-chain payments.
  3. Linking multiple substantial industries.
    The main battlefield of REC’s industrial applications will focus on two places in the future, one being the digital assets. In future enhancements, transactions are firstly driven by production, so digital assets must be an unstoppable development, which is the battlefield of “blockchain”. The second main battlefield is the sixth industry. In the operation of the sixth industry, the boundaries of enterprises must be broken. Blockchain is an important micro-business model of the digital economy and an important macro-social governance model. Therefore, the emergence of REC will Recreate the economic history of mankind!
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