Since Mid-March Crisis Bitcoin Experience Worst Weekly Performance Last Week
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Since Mid-March Crisis Bitcoin Experience Worst Weekly Performance Last Week

May 25, 2020      Jyoti Singh

A week ago, at the time of closing, Bitcoin suffered a severe loss which recently, has been recovered a bit.

In the past seven days, the value of Bitcoin came down by 10 percent and reached $8,715, at closing. After March 2020, this recent downturn is considered to be the worst weekly performance of Bitcoin.

But as the new week started, on May 25, the trading value of Bitcoin reached around $8,773, that means 0.66 percent higher than the previous one.

Bitcoin Recovered 161.25 Percent Since March

The recent loss is considered to be the part of extensively huge loss adjustment which started after it recovered 161.25 percent, from its March loss where the price of Bitcoin went below $4,000.

The manager of digital asset at Capriole Investments, Charles Edwards, mentioned that because of miner capitulation Bitcoin sell-off took place. He further notified that after the third halving of Bitcoin many of the block validators sold their rewards, which they have earned.

Edward, while describing how the value of Bitcoin fell 1.8 percent and 13.8 percent after the two halvings, said, “This capitulation is almost identical to the 2012 and 2016 halving capitulations (all within 21 days of the halving)”.

Bitcoin One Unit Mining Increase With Retail Price

The manager at Capriole Investments mentioned that after the first two halvings the cost of mining one unit of Bitcoin was increased and because of this the retail price of Bitcoin was also increased.

According to Descending Trendline, Bitcoin could not close above a long-term technical resistance level. While the Bitcoin has been recovering, it tested the blacked ceiling so many times but it was not able to influence a new buyer as it topped near $10,000, and because of this a steep downturn has been created.

Now a bearish presence could be experienced near the blacked trendline, this has happened because of the latest pullback. Even, it is to be noted that in recent time, the investors would not enter in the Bitcoin market at a higher price.

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