Skynet Labs’s New Platform Builds Decentralized Social Media Apps
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Skynet Labs’s New Platform Builds Decentralized Social Media Apps

October 16, 2020      Jafrin Ahmed

Skynet Labs has revealed a new platform called SkyDB that allows developers to build decentralized social media apps. Developers can now build apps that can compete with centralized social platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. The blockchain company has previously developed Sia, a decentralized cloud storage platform.

Platform Can Run on Normal Web Browsers

On October 15, Skynet Labs announced that its platform enables developers to create decentralized accounts while storing data in them. No superior tech is needed on accessing the data as the platform runs on normal web browsers.

SkyDB’s user data will not exist in a single location but in a decentralized global data layer, accessible from anywhere. This means there will be no de-platforming as not a single centralized party can deny accessing the user data.

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The company’s CEO and the lead developer David Vorick says Skynet is a more accessible user experience has made a world of a difference to developers, adding “The number of projects we were getting went from one to two per month to one to two per day almost overnight.”

Vorick further said that it took two years to develop the platform, adding SkyDB is easier to use than the Sia network. Developers can create apps in Javascript or simply upload the file on the platform, additional nodes are not required, ensuring an easier and smoother process.

Paving Towards Data Openness and Innovation

As per the announcement, SkyDB’s technology doesn’t have the usual timeline-based roadmap, as it’s fully ready and usable starting from now.

Data openness leads towards rapid innovation as anyone can choose to extend on any platform due to data availability. The decentralized platform’s apps can definitely be more fascinating and stimulating, something which the centralized world can never match with. This alone makes SkyDB unique that can’t be taken up by centralized entities.

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Jafrin Ahmed
Jafrin Ahmed

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