Some Important Crypto Terms To Know
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Some Important Crypto Terms To Know

June 4, 2020      Aditya Nagar

If you are a newbie to cryptocurrency space and wants to know everything that is co-related with cryptocurrency, then it is better to be abreast with live crypto news today so that you get to know about the latest developments revolving around cryptocurrencies, exchanges and many more that are taking place in the crypto world. But more than that you need to know about some important crypto terms that you may not be familiar with. So let us upgrade your knowledge about introducing them in the given article.

Knowing about these terms is not only essential for a crypto enthusiast but even for a trader. So let us start with:


Have you ever heard about a term called ‘Rekt’? If not, then know it today. But while pronouncing this term, doesn’t it remind you of a word, which is commonly used in your daily life. Yes, we are hinting the word’ Wrecked’. So rekt is like a slang version of this word which is mostly used by traders experienced in the cryptocurrency field. The actual meaning of this slang word implies the closing down of trade experienced by a margin trader. This is one of the important crypto terms to be known by someone new to the crypto world.


This is another very important crypto term used by Youtubers to warn all those who are curious about investing in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. The term DYOR stands for ‘’Do Your Own Research’’ which means you must do your research before taking a hasty decision in investing. It is a kind of warning given to you to avoid any financial loss.

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When bag and holder come together and get combined into one word. In cryptocurrency, this bagholder indicates about the situation when a person holds the number of cryptocurrencies at one time.


Here comes another important crypto term which is ‘Shills’. This term represents the meaning of someone who initiates in the scam. In other words, this term indicates the activity of promoting products on public forums by spreading the buzz around it. A person who executes all this activity is paid for the services. In cryptocurrency, this term explains about someone who does good marketing or promotion about a crypto coin to churn out a personal profit.


Mooning is also an important crypto term that signifies a question by a user about the price of a particular digital currency to shoot up. They often being noticed saying ‘’when to the moon’’. It reveals the curiosity of the user in knowing the possibility of a rise in the prices of cryptocurrencies. Suppose if a trader says ‘’going to the moon’’, then it indicates price rocketing.


These are some of the important crypto terms which every budding crypto enthusiast must know about. Like these terms, there are many other cryptocurrency terms, which you might be knowing as they are being used regularly. Still, there are some terms like shills, rekt, mooning, Dyor, bagholder, which you might have not read about, or not familiar with their actual meaning. But today, we came with extracts from all those terminologies of cryptocurrency. If you want to make your career in the crypto field, then you can look out for jobs in cryptocurrency by being well-versed of all these terminologies.

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