Stellar Announces Launch of BitRaser, Its Erasure Tool
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Stellar Announces Launch of BitRaser, Its Erasure Tool

September 7, 2020      Vandana Malik

Stellar, a data recovery software firm, has recently announced the launch of its new erasure tool named BitRaiser. This will help the firm remove data from storage devices completely . The main purpose of this tool will be to help prevent the end-of-use privacy breaches.

Through BitRaiser, Stellar ensures that once the data has been wiped from the storage devices, no one will be able to restore the data from the device. In order to verify whether or not the data has been wiped off from the device, BitRaiser uses the immutable audit trail.

Stellar Believes Customers Should Take Responsibility for Erasing Data

While announcing this new erasure tool, Stellar has also mentioned that whenever anyone is disposing their storage device, they should erase their data before. It has been recorded that during the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a huge increase in identity theft. Hence, the firm has now announced its erasure tool to tackle this problem. 

This is not the first time that Stellar has launched something like this as it has previously released a software package named Stellar-Wipe. This software was specially designed by the firm to delete the sensitive information that they wish to delete from storage devices.

Basic Techniques Do Not Erase Complete Data

Sunil Chandna, CEO of Stellar, has said that any person who tries to use the basic technique to erase the data, is bound to fail. Such techniques are unable to erase complete data and mostly leave a lot of sensitive data behind. BitRaiser will prove to be a better solution to erase data from the storage devices for everyone. Back in July, Stellar also launched a data recovery tool specially for Mac and Windows devices. This helps the users recover their lost or corrupted data of up to 1 GB.

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Vandana Malik
Vandana Malik

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