The five most appreciated cryptocurrencies in the week

Alejandro Villarreal by Alejandro Villarreal - 07:29 AM Jun 26, 2019

In the last seven days, the market experienced a significant rise. Bitcoin surpassed USD 9,000 and soared to USD 10,000 on June 21st, an uptrend that continues this Sunday, June 23rd. The percentage of growth during the week was more than 24%. At the time of writing, BTC's share price rose to USD 11.054, a factor that influenced the most appreciated cryptocurrencies of the week.

Meanwhile, ether (ETH) maintains its position in second place by market capitalization, with more than USD 33 billion. Its price is around USD 314.57. In the week it achieved a growth of 18.32 %, according to data from LiveCoinWatch. Meanwhile, ripple (XRP), stable in third place, reached a price of USD 0.4819, increasing by 14.5% in the last seven days.

The excellent performance this week was also evident in other projects that reflected double-digit growth, which ranged from 14% to 40%. This was the case of Dent (DENT), with 37.6 %; and Monero (XMR) which registered a jump of more than 21 %; followed by NEO, with 23.3 %; Decred (DCR), which grew by 16.5 %; and Binance Coin (BNB), with 14.7 %.


At the beginning of the week, Dent (DENT) was traded at USD 0.0019. Its price increased over the course of the days, jumping on Friday, June 21st to reach a peak of USD 0.0023. The value continued to grow, and for this June 23rd is quoted at USD 0.0026. The increase in these seven days has been more than 30%. Apparently, the cryptoactive is attracting the attention of customers from several countries where operations have recently started.

The company has been announcing these new operations through its Twitter account. In that sense, the platform informs of its opening in Senegal and Paraguay. DENT's chain of blocks is inserted in the telecommunications sector and aims to build a global market that offers the opportunity to buy and sell mobile data units.


Monero obtained this week growth of 21,63 %, positioning the cryptocurrency among those of greater appreciation in the week. At the beginning of the week, its price was around USD 96.10. On June 21st it surpassed 100 dollars per unit, and on June 23rd XMR is quoted at USD 116.70. This increase seems to be related to the Konferenco Monero 2019 event from June 22nd to 23rd. This is the first annual conference on cryptoactive focused on privacy.

Several personalities linked to Monero's ecosystem have been participating in the event that takes place in Denver, Colorado, United States. Therefore, the social networks of the cryptoactive have been very active, inviting privacy enthusiasts to participate. In the last two days, the messages have continuously been updated with links so that the public can access the conferences live.


NEO's share price has been rising steadily for more than a week. To date it is quoted at USD 14.17, registering a growth of 21.5% in its price in the last seven days. The increase has seen further momentum since Saturday, June 22nd when it rose to USD 18.17 after starting the week at a price of around USD 13.9.

Through a Twitter message, the NEO team announced the publication of its 2018-2019 consolidated report. Even this week they issued an alert of a false page offering token exchanges.

Other events could also boost the price increase of this cryptocurrency, which is positioned among the most appreciated in the week, for more than ten days. Earlier this month, the China-based blockchain platform reported that it completed the scheduled bifurcation of its main network. The update enabled the implementation of the latest version of NEO's consensus algorithm and the establishment of a new per-transaction fee schedule.


On June 23rd, the Decred team reported on a Campus Party with the Brazilian community, in which one of the developers of the Decred project, Matheus Degiovani, participated. In the meantime, the price of cryptoactive has risen in the last 24 hours, with a rise of 14%. In the week, DCR went from around 27 dollars 7 days ago, to surpassing USD 33 for this June 23rd. In total, the cryptoactive registered a growth of more than 21.3% in 7 days.

Its upward momentum had become more noticeable since late May when it jumped to over USD 30. It's trading volume in the last 24 hours was above USD 4 million, while RCD market capitalization is over USD 320 million.

Binance Coin

Binance's native token has been experiencing a steady upward trend since the reopening of the exchange house on May 15th, after a week's suspension due to a cyber attack on the platform. At that time, the cryptocurrency was traded for the first time above USD 25, recording its historic high.

Since then, its price has remained on the rise, among the most appreciated cryptocurrencies of the week. Last June 20th it surpassed the 36 dollars, although in the week the highest peak was on Saturday, June 22nd when it reached more than USD 38. For this date the price is USD 37.11, registering a growth of more than 14.8% in the last seven days.

On June 20th the company reported on its blog about a new launch of an Initial Coin Offer (ICO) on the Binance Chain platform. This is Elrond, a public network of block chains based on fragments, whose sale of tokens began on June 22nd.

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