Virgin Galactic Co-Founder Alex Tai Launches THEOS NFT Marketplace
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Virgin Galactic Co-Founder Alex Tai Launches THEOS NFT Marketplace

June 3, 2021      Kavya Barua

THEOS is a new NFT marketplace launched by Alex Tai, co-founder of Virgin Galactic will closely adhere to carbon neutrality and financial inclusion ideals.

Cardano (ADA) Sees The Launch Of THEOS NFT Marketplace

Occam.Fi, a pioneering DeFi ecosystem built on the Cardano (ADA) blockchain, announces the launch of THEOS, an NFT marketplace with an incredible vision and lofty aims.

According to an official release made by the Switzerland-based Occam.Fi team, THEOS, a marketplace for non-fungible tokens, has joined its ecosystem of products.

“We are thrilled to welcome THEOS to the ecosystem at THEOS is a mission-driven NFT minting platform founded by Alex Tai, COO of Virgin Galactic. The full press release may be seen here:”

Occelerator (Occam accelerator) is incubating the release, which is led by Alex Tai, co-founder and former COO of Virgin Galactic.

The Occam.Fi team emphasizes that the THEOS project addresses financial inclusion, sustainable development, and fair economics. Occam.Fi picked Cardano (ADA) as its technical foundation to achieve all of the THEOS milestones.

As a result, NFT marketplace mechanisms will become operational following the Alonzo hard fork in Q2 2021.

On OccamRazer, IDO Is On The Horizon

THEOS CEO Alex Tai emphasized the project’s industry-level goals:

THEOS will provide socially responsible NFT capabilities in collaboration with some of the world’s most ambitious humanitarian organizations and will be propelled by exceptional creative, musical, and dramatic talents. 

When we discovered OccamRazer, we were struck by their team’s ambition as well as their concentration on Cardano—arguably one of today’s most promising blockchains for social and financial inclusion.

He also stated that the first decentralized exchange offering of the THEOS core native asset will take place on OccamRazer, a Cardano-based platform for IDOs.

The THEOS token will be extensively interwoven into the project’s mechanisms, allowing it to assist product development and boost involvement in the THEOS ecosystem.

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Kavya Barua
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