Tough Competition For Former CEO Of Bakkt Kelly Loeffler In Senate Election

Jyoti  |  Jun 11, 2020

Georgia is going to hold special elections in November 2020, in which the Republican Senator and former CEO of the Bakkt, Kelly Loeffler might face a Democratic candidate who is not only better-organized but has more support also.

It is to be noted that among the seven senatorial candidates, presently, Democrat Jon Ossoff has been leading with 91 percent of precincts.

It is being predicted that after the election in November, as Georgia tunes into Blue, there are chances Loeffler’s seat in the Senate would be kept.

Tough Time For Kelly Loeffler

In the year 2016, when presidential elections were held in the southern states of the US, a total of 4,141,447 votes have been cast. During that time, Hilary Clinton got 45.35 percent of the vote and face a lose against  Donald Trump.

In the year 2018, when the governor elections were held, there has been a tough competition between Democrat Stacey Abrams and Republican Brian Kemp. Since the year 1966, it was the first time that election saw a record-breaking turnout.

A prediction is being made that the elections which would be held in November might follow the same momentum like the earlier one’s.

There are very fewer chances for Loeffler to win the elections because of her close ties with President Trump. In recent time, the approval rating of the US President has fallen because of his responses towards the COVID-19 pandemic and police protests.

Competitors For Senate Seat

On November 03, the candidates of both parties would appear on the same ballot, this would more like free-for-all situation at the time of the Georgia Senate special elections.

Presently, some of the tough competitors for Loeffler’s seat in the Senate are Republican Dough Collins, and Democrats Raphael Warnock and Matt Lieberman.

According to an announcement, in November, if the candidates do not get a majority then a runoff would be organized in January 2021, among the top two finishers.

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