Tron Enter the Era of Deflation, Maintained for four Weeks

Usha  |  Nov 24, 2021

With maintaining the deflation for four weeks (10.28-11.24) $TRX entered the era of deflation from burning coins from the transactions. Every TRON coin burn means there’s a reduction of the total supply. Previously, $TRX has been in deflation for two weeks from Oct 28 to Nov 10, with a total amount of net deflation of 37.55 million $TRX.

World's First Cryptocurrency to go From Inflation to Deflation

From March 30th to April 5th, 2021, TRX, the native token on TRON MainNet, had its first deflation. According to Tronscan, a TRON blockchain explorer, the total supply of TRX has been reduced from 101,678,790,175 to 101,673,029,723, a decrease of 5,760,000 and a value of $780,000 (estimated based on the pricing on Binance at 10:20 UTC+8). TRX has now entered the period of deflation, making it the world's first cryptocurrency to go from inflation to deflation.

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