Tron (TRX)'s future indicates 20 to 30% surge in the upcoming week

Nick Leeson by Nick Leeson - 06:20 AM Feb 21, 2020
Tron (TRX)'s future indicates 20 to 30% surge in the upcoming week

Tron also called as 'Shitcoin' by its creator Justin Sun has secured its place in the top 200 cryptos and has been there for quite a while. Boasting an excess of 1.3 billion market cap, the coin is set to experience a major surge in its price based on the technicals.

At the time of writing, TRX was worth $0.019 and had created a lower high for almost a week. Especially after it hit a high of $0.0268 on 14 February 2020.

  • Tron's respite from bears will push the coin anywhere from 20% to 30%. At which point, TRX will be worth $0.253 to $0.229.

  • Failure would cause the price to shed to $0.0180.

60 Minute Tron Chart

Source: Trading View.

The 60 minute aka the one-hour chart for TRX shows the price bound in a falling wedge. A bullish pattern the majority of the time will cause the price to shoot up. Typically, the surge is said to be equivalent to the widest part of the falling wedge.

Combining the above and the resistance levels, there are two targets where TRX will go. The first is at $0.0229 at an approximately 20% surge from the current price of $0.0195. The second is much higher at $0.0245, ie, a 30% surge from the current price.

Since patterns don't necessarily give a binary answer, there is a probability that the price will continue moving downward. This would cause a 6% decline, at which point, TRX will hit support of $0.0180.

All in all, the price seems to have huge upside as compared to its downside and would be the best spot to long TRX here.

Further proof can be seen in the wave trend indicator, which signifies the end of trend for a wave, irrespective of the bears/bulls. As for TRX, in the one-hour time frame, there is clear exhaustion of the trend. This points towards an obvious surge in the bulls, thus coinciding with the falling wedge theory of massive upside.

However, for TRX the Wave Trend indicator's first support band has been reached, meaning, there is still another band to which the trend might collapse. Hence, giving rise to the 6% downside scenario discussed above.

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