Tune.fm Launches Grammy Award-Winning Music Catalog from Advisor
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Tune.fm Launches Grammy Award-Winning Music Catalog from Advisor

November 7, 2019      Cryptoknowmics

Tune.fm Launches Grammy Award-Winning Music Catalog from Advisor 

Mathew Knowles’ Label on its Crypto Music Streaming Platform 
JAM cryptocurrency is the first token on Hedera Hashgraph 
for music streaming micropayments

PHILADELPHIA, PA — November 7, 2019 — Tune.fm, the first streaming music platform on the Hedera Hashgraph network that’s designed to help artists earn their fair share, today announced the official availability of Music World Entertainment’s (MWE) music catalog, founded by music mogul and Tune.fm advisory board member Mathew Knowles. Tune.fm  solves a critical music industry problem:  fair and fast payments to artists. The company’s novel pay-as-you-go business model uses the JAM token cryptocurrency that enables fast micropayments for every second of music streaming directly between artists and fans.
The MWE catalog features many Grammy award winners and the world’s most popular talent, including Beyoncé, Solange, Chaka Khan, and Le’Andria Johnson among many others. “I see cryptocurrency and streaming paired together as the wave of the future,” said Mathew Knowles, owner of MWE Corp. “Tune.fm has put together an incredible platform with a unique user experience and Music World Entertainment Corp is excited to share its content on the tune.FM platform.”
“The existing industry business model is not profitable and squeezes artists. Streaming platforms pay the vast majority of their revenue to publishing companies and they leave artists with only about 10 percent of that,” said Andrew Antar, Co-founder of Tune.fm. “Our unique business model is only now possible with the fastest and most secure distributed ledger technology available today from Hedera Hashgraph, which powers the JAM token. JAM is the cryptocurrency for the global music economy on our platform. When the music gets played, the artist gets paid.”

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How JAM Token Works 
JAM tokens are used to pay for every second of streaming by directly connecting them with their fans. Users can sign up and receive 100 JAM free to listen and discover thousands of artists from anywhere in the world. As listeners stream music, JAM token payments are made into the artists’ wallet for every second of streaming. In addition, artists will soon be able to promote their music with JAM by paying out JAM to first-time listeners of their songs, creating a pool of promoted music which fans can get paid in JAM just for streaming.
In the future, JAM will be the denomination for many products and services within the music marketplace on Tune.fm, including affiliate referrals, gamification, reviews, merchandise, tickets, and VIP experiences. Tune.fm is creating a crypto jukebox that is growing into a global music ecosystem. With artists in control of their rights and able to earn instantly as their music is streamed, tune.fm is turning the tables on the music business.

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About Tune.fm
Tune.fm is the first streaming music platform on Hedera Hashgraph. The platform’s JAM cryptocurrency token enables micropayments for every second of streaming to help artists earn a living wage from their music. The JAM token is powered by the groundbreaking speed and security of Hedera Hashgraph, the world’s most advanced distributed ledger technology. Headquartered in Philadelphia, Tune.fm parent company hearo.fm Inc. was founded by brothers and classically-trained violinists, Andew Antar and Brian Antar who grew the independent marketplace organically to thousands of artists from around the world, before launching tune.fm with the JAM token. For more information on the company, visit hearo.fm.

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