US Intelligence Community Feels Crypto Is A Threat To Greenback

Jyoti  |  Feb 15, 2020

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) announced on February 14, 2020, that it needed a researcher for the United States intelligence community to evaluate the risk scenarios. 

ODNI Seeks Researcher

The advertisement by the ODNI stated that the candidate would have to evaluate that as a world reserve currency whether the dollars have to face any threats. The advertisement stated that till February 28, 2020, the candidates could apply for the role of a researcher in the intelligence community’s postdoctoral fellowship program.  

Presently, the Director of National Intelligence, Joseph Maguire, sends his report on national security-related intelligence matters to the US President, the National Security Council and Homeland Security Council.

Whether Greenback’s Dominance Is Being Affected?

The topic description of the program announced by the ODNI is “the US maintains international dominance in no small part due to its financial power.”

According to the report, the topic explains that as a global reserve currency the dollar could secure the level sanctions against the US perceived adversaries. 

Recently, the ODNI has stated, “There are many threats to the U.S. dollar maintaining its status as the world reserve currency. Countries such as China and India have large growing economies that could compete with U.S. economic growth.”

The ODNI wanted a candidate who could easily mechanize banking alternatives and be fluent in economics and finance. The research would help the IC to protect the economic status of the US in the world.

For a long time, the analysts have been debating that as a global reserve asset which currency could replace the greenback. And according to some trends, to lower the market of US currency China and Europe have been working together.  

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