VeChain Enters Into Partnership With Smart Tag Provider Ubique Tag
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VeChain Enters Into Partnership With Smart Tag Provider Ubique Tag

October 15, 2020      Vandana Malik

VeChain, one of the leading blockchain platforms, has entered into a partnership with Ubique Tag, which is a smart tag provider. Here the ToolChain tracking service will help the customers to trace high-quality liqueurs and spirits. 

China Alcoholic Drinks Association has revealed data that states the sales across China have fallen by more than 40% due to the coronavirus pandemic. Due to this, several online sales channels have also been established to help people across the country in these tough times. 

Yanghe Group Uses New Traceability Solution Based on VeChain ToolChain

To use the new traceability solution which is based on VeChain ToolChain, Yanghe Group has collaborated with Ubique Tag. In this, there will be a process of placing two QR codes on both bottles as well as the carton which will help to verify product authenticity. VeChain has claimed that the solution is quite unique while providing unparalleled security which cannot be compared to anyone else. 

VeChainThor Blockchain Provide Access to Important Supply Chain Data

All the important data and information related to the supply chain has already been mentioned on the VeChainThor blockchain. The end-users of the firm can easily scan the QR code, which will help them to have access to all the stored product information. This also causes huge benefits to the Yanghe Group as well as through this data they can easily evaluate the delivery times. This will also complement the sales of the company as there will be transparency that will guarantee the authenticity of the product. Furthermore, Ubique Tag might be expanding its product portfolio through its collaboration with VeChain.

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Vandana Malik
Vandana Malik

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