Venture Capital Paradigm Hires Prominent White-Hat Hacker Samczsun
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Venture Capital Paradigm Hires Prominent White-Hat Hacker Samczsun

October 10, 2020      Jafrin Ahmed

Prominent white-hat hacker Samczsun lands himself a job in venture capital firm Paradigm. Samczsun brings his skills and expertise to the investment firm while saving over millions of dollars worth of crypto thefts.

According to a blog post, Samczsun’s responsibilities at Paradigm will now include helping to evaluate the safety and security of potential portfolio companies while assisting the current ones.

Bringing Security and Audit Expertise To Portfolio

In September 2020, Samczun rescued approx. $10 million in ETH from being stolen.

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Matt Huang, co-founder and managing partner of Paradigm, told Decrypt that Samczsun will “bring his security and audit expertise to the portfolio.” The portfolio includes the likes of popular crypto players like DEX Uniswap, wallet Argent, censorship-resistant Keep Network, and decentralized storage platform Sia.

Huang further tells the Decrypt, “Paradigm is focused on building a truly crypto-native team that deeply understands the frontier of crypto. We want to be able to help our portfolio with everything from high-level strategy and recruiting, to mechanism design and engineering.”

Samczsun: DeFi Bug Hunter Expert

The pseudonymous hacker is quite well-known in the crypto space for discovering bugs in the DeFi landscape. During a September hack, Samczsun discovered over 25,000 ETH (then worth $9.6 million) lying in a vulnerable smart contract from Defi Project Lien Finance.

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Knowing that the money might get stolen, Samczsun and associates moved the money safely while not drawing any attention to bots that might exploit the smart contract.

Paradigm’s High Profile Hiring Spree

Samczsun is another high profile hire for Paradigm. In July, the venture capital firm hired former Acting General Counsel of the US Department of Homeland Security, Gus Coldebella as its general counsel.

Having previously served as a chief legal officer for Circle (which issues the USD Coin stablecoin along with Coinbase), Coldebella brings his government experience within the crypto space.

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