‘XRP/ETH - Traditional Markets Merger Could See Massive Crypto Adoption’ Says Coinfield CEO

Richard M Adrian by Richard M Adrian - 01:30 PM Oct 07, 2019

Lack of mass adoption has been the biggest hurdle facing crypto markets. As a result, there has also been minimal interest among institutional investors. It is for these very reasons that the launch of Bakkt; a platform designed to push institutional investors into the crypto industry; failed to yield the expected results. 

Tom Lee, the head of research at Fundstrat thinks that the Crypto market is too small for big institutions to set camp. Bringing in the large sums of money would necessitate  the growth of the digital economy.

Coinfield CEO Bob Ras believes that amalgamation of the crypto economy with traditional markets could significantly push for mass adoption. Meanwhile, this would create the yield and liquidity that institutional investors are in search for. However, the CEO did not hesitate to specify the types of traditional markets as the giant ones; a segment of 16 leading stock exchanges that account upto 87% of the entire stock market. It is this segment that Bob believes crypto assets such as Ethereum and Ripple should merge with. 

Various people will agree with this position and push for a crypto-traditional market integration.However, it’s only XRP and ETH that could integrate to achieve the desired results. Thereof, it’s only likely that speed plus smart contracts are the underlying fundamentals that are favourable for mass adoption. Nevertheless, this is just a speculation since Bob did not account for his explanation.

Bottom line

The Ethereum blockchain has managed to maintain competency against other smart contract platform like EOS.In fact, it is the top platform where ERC-20 tokens are created. On the other hand, Ripple (XRP) has successfully established itself as real time transactions platform for cross border payments.Additionally, several institutional clients have testified that Ripple has really streamlined and eased payment. These features are therefore highly legible for mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.

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