XRP Scammers  Becoming More Sophisticated in Their Approach
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XRP Scammers Becoming More Sophisticated in Their Approach

May 30, 2020      Zain Raza

Crypto scams are something that has bothered the community for long now. The deals which appear too good to be true usually turn a few heads and people end up investing in it. Social media platforms, emails and fake websites are usually the weapons used by these scanners. XRP community has particularly taken great interest in trying to tackle XRP scammers and safeguard its users.

XRP Scammers Upping Their Game 

A new revelation by PandaRippleXRP suggests that the XRP scammers have realised that it is harder to dupe people now if they don’t appear original.  People are much more aware now about the scams so its hard to trick them if the scams don’t appear authentic. The twitter account reveals that the scammers now targeting the XRP community has become super sophisticated and it is hard to make out the difference as the scams appear so convincing to the naked eye.

The team at XRP is also taking essential steps forward to ensure it can protect its community. A very extensive post by them covers and highlights the key areas the users should pay heed to verify the authenticity of the offer made to them. One of the ways they can do so is to check if they’re asking for crypto beforehand or not. If that is the case it is likely to be a scam.  They ask the XRP community to cross-check the ads they come across on XRP’s social media platforms or websites.  If the website doesn’t display the ads, they’re highly likely to be fraudulent.  The company has also set up a cybersecurity team to help out its customers.

Ripple’s XRP, while not the only one dealing with crypto scams, is probably taking the biggest interest in protecting its customers from such scams.

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