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Freelanex is a decentralized platformwhich provides an environmental system on Blockchain. It represents...

25th Nov 2019 02nd Dec 2019

The Clarity project vision
People believe that all businesses are successful


14th Feb 2019 17th Nov 2019

Bitrus is a platform that seeks to function as a vehicle for allowing users to invest in the cryptocurrencies'...

29th May 2019 14th Oct 2019

Our platform relies on sustianable growth priciples to effect public benefit impact globally through...

23rd Jun 2019 31st Dec 2020
Lydian Lion

Trading platform of the future used through LiveLife. A Centralized token with a global usage through...

01st Feb 2020 01st Jun 2020

Parinita Bansode Coin is a reward-based, charitable marketplace, fundraising, and philanthropic ecosystem...

01st Oct 2019 30th Oct 2019

The CoinCasso project is a holistic and democratic solution created for people.


01st Oct 2018 30th Dec 2019

WolfpackBOT is a highly advanced cryptocurrency trading software that allows for the execution of...

01st Nov 2018 15th Oct 2019
Cash Telex

Cryptocurrencies in the current state are suffering from several drawbacks and issues related to absence...

10th Dec 2018 30th Sep 2019

Our proposal is called IMP, which comes from “Impression”, a marketing term to count the displays...

01st Jan 2019 31st Dec 2020
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