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Cryptoknowmics Headlines 7th March

1. Jack Dorsey Receives Support From Musk And Buterin

Jack Dorsey's position as a Twitter CEO is hanging in the balance and can get kicked out by the investors. However, A few top-notch crypto elite’s have come out in his support including the likes of billionaire Elon Musk and Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin.

2. Bitcoin Is A Currency According To French Court Decision

Bitcoin has been recognized as a currency by a French commerce court during a recent trial. Local news outlet informed that recent announcement contradicts the decision of Commercial Court of Nanterre which deemed Bitcoin as a fungible interchangeable asset which cannot be individualised like fiat currency.

3. Uphold launches World's First Multi-Asset Account to Convert Assets

Uphold, a leading digital asset platform has made an exciting announcement that it is launching the world’s first multi-asset account on its platform, in a bid to allow its users to convert assets such as Bitcoin, XRP, Gold and BAT to fiat easily.

4. Coinbase CEO Armstrong Compares Crypto to The Internet

Brian Armstrong, CEO and co-founder of one of the biggest cryptocurrency platforms in the world, Coinbase has shared his two cents on the parallels between the Internet and Cryptocurrency. Armstrong said just like the internet even crypto space would take some time to become flawless..

5. RFID Lab Blockchain Experiment Involves Nike and PVH Corp

Nike, the world's leading sportswear brand and PVH Corp along with several other enterprises took part in a blockchain proof of concept (POC) by using RFID tags for keeping an eye on products in the supply chain.