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11:48 AM Feb 20, 2020
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Daily Crypto Headlines of the Day

1. AZORult Campaign Abuses ProtonVPN Service To Steal Cryptocurrency


As per Kaspersky researchers, a bizarre malicious campaign which uses the phishing copy of a popular VPN service’s website to spread AZORult malware. The malware is used to steal personal information and digital currency from hot wallets of infected users, FTP logins and passwords from FileZilla.

2. Coinbase: Cryptocurrency a Solution to Racial Discrimination in Finance


Major cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase has launched a campaign talking up how cryptocurrencies can be used to overcome racial inequalities in the financial space; to mark the Black History Month. the exchange published a blog post with results of a recent survey it conducted in the U.K and the U.S.

3. Cosmos Blockchain Director Resigns, But Will Still Work On Project


Zaki Manian, the veteran blockchain developer, has resigned from the post of Director at Tendermint, a few weeks ago. At Tendermint, Manian used to head all the projects and developments related to Cosmos Blockchain. However, Manian has mentioned that after resignation also, he would still be working on Cosmos

4. FCoin Users Get Some Help From Tron's Founder Justin Sun


BitTorrent’s CEO and Tron’s Founder, Justin Sun has come to the rescue of FCoin exchange’s users, who are suffering from the debacle surrounding the cryptocurrency exchange, which in the eyes of many was a planned scam. Sun has now come out and offered 1000 BitTorrent token to the affected users.

5. Bitcoin Lightning Network Faces New Security vulnerabilities


Blockstream developers recently released a research paper on LN as it uses gossip and probing mechanisms for supporting the nodes, the research paper examined whether these mechanisms could be exploited in order to get access to transaction data. The reports introduced probing attacks and timing attacks.

6. IOTA May Partially Recover The Losses After "Hack Remediation" Plan


The team of IOTA published the detailed "Hack Remediation" plan to recover the stolen tokens from its Trinity wallet. Last week, after users reported the theft of their tokens, the developers of Foundation were compelled to halt all transactions on its blockchain due to a massive vulnerability in Trinity wallet.

7. Around Two Dozen Of Tourism Related Services Accepts Litecoin Payments


Litecoin can be used now to book accommodation and travel services of more than two dozen services providers online. According to the reports, more than two dozens of travel service providers are accepting Litecoin as a payment method globally these days

8. Enjin Launches Game Development Platform On Ethereum Main-Net


Enjin platform, the core component of Enjin has gone live on the Ethereum main net. It opened the gates for all the crypto enthusiasts to access Mainnt tools to mint their own ERC-1155 token which was earlier accessible to early adopters and members of Spark Program only.

9. Second bZx Attack Sees $645k Worth of ETH Stolen


bZx, the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) lending protocol, has been on the receiving end of another malicious exploitation. Just days after the protocol suffered a $350k worth of crypto loss, it has been hit by a second attack that has led to the loss of an estimated 2,388 ETH.

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