Type : ICO & STO Agencies

Email id : partner@listatoken.com

Skills : Listing tokens and Market making

List A Token is leader in global and professional digital coin exchange services. Get your tokens and coins on the fast track to success, by listing them simultaneously on multiple exchanges. The process of listing is crucial to your success factor. We take out the tedious work and help you reach a maximum number of crypto exchanges with a single submission. A listing on an exchange could either make or break your cryptocurrency in an instant. This is why we focus on your token.



Essential service to ensure your token's aftermarket success & organic hype. It will create a healthy market for your investors and build hot demand for volume and growth. 

 - Liquidity Injection & Management 

 - High Frequency Trading, for active order book

 - Portfolio Management, for price stabilization

 - Point-and-click and algorithmic trading

 - Market Penetration& Exchange Listing Strategies 



We provide reliable real-time exchange rates & crypto to fiat currency conversions for your business. - Easy way to fund your project

 - Grow your company assets

 - Exchange rates for 170 world currencies

 - Save time and money 



The process of listing your token on multiple-exchanges at a time is crucial to the success factor of your business. We are in close partnership with all exchanges.

 - Reach numerous exchanges with a single SMART submission

 - Eliminating roadblocks with speed of approval

 - Reduce overall time, expenses and costs of approva

 - Maximize number of potential investors

 - Executing due diligence for both the project and the exchanges point of view 



 - Guaranteed Listing Service

 - Market Making

 - Exchange Crypto-to-fiat

 - Dealing with 1 company instead of several in terms of listing

 - A full team background checks to satisfy the KYC and AML factors.

 - Many token services at once

 - Significantly raising the trading volume capacity of a token & its liquidity

 - Increase your project sale potential and exposure to investors


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