We make investment easily accessible, comprehensive for everyone.

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We aim to make investment easily accessible and comprehensive to anyone from any background, knowledge, pocket availability, secure and transparent. The ecosystem provides the unique set of capabilities to efficiently and securely invest in the new digitalized financial market.

DCI is a one-stop-shop with 360 degrees view for the private and institutional portfolio of investment together with Artificial Intelligence, Risk Assessment, and Rating, Legal and Compliance support. The ecosystem will be the finance preferred ecosystem to access the digital investment world and uncover opportunities, reach unthinkable efficiency, enrich product offering and improving competitiveness. Contrary to the existing ecosystems we are not neglecting existing business and financial models, but we are merging the old and new digital world and extending the distribution of existing commercial products through ???tokenization??? of assets and mashed into an excellent portfolio view enhanced with a robotic advisor, artificial intelligence, and more.

  1. Milestones

Q3-Q4 FY18

Whitepaper / Business idea drafted
Network with possible partners (3rd parties)
Set up core functions and recruit for immediate needs
Develop company website
Develop ITO Token
Initiate recruitment for marketing campaigns

Q1-Q2 FY19

Finalise the Company Website / ITO Portal with functionalities to support ITO
Work on ITO preparation
Finalize ITO Support team (Marketing Channels)
Work on Core Technical Architecture Solution
Work on Technical Whitepaper
Formalize Advisory Board
Engagement with 3rd Party partner / legal agreements
Prep for PILOT ITO
Legal DCI model PoV
Technical POV (Proof of Value)
Advisory Board Finalization
Demo Ready to be released
Legal entity set up

Q3-Q4 FY19

ITO Pilot & Resource Funds (Seeds Funding)
Recruitment of additional function roles 
Partnership with Institutional Investors
ITO Pre-Sale / Bounty Program Preparation 
ITO Pre-Sale Launch 
ITO Sale Preparation 
Alpha Version DCI Released


. Symbol  -  DCI

. Blockchain  -  Stellar

. Total supply tokens  -  11 760 000

. STO Price  -  1 DCI = 1.2 $

. Minimum goal  -  $10,000,000

. fundraising goal  -  $40,800,000

. Min. investment  -  100 XLM (Lumen)

Project Team:

Andre Dylan Conte Lanzoni
Andre Dylan Conte Lanzoni

CEO & Founder

John Ferguson
John Ferguson

Enterprise Solution Architect

Pietro Lessi
Pietro Lessi

Head of Marketing

Johnny Costa
Johnny Costa


Vikram kanghati
Vikram kanghati

Head of UX / UI Designer / Engineer

Diwakar Vikram Singh
Diwakar Vikram Singh

Project Manager

Tanveer Khan
Tanveer Khan

Blockchain Developer

Mohsin Qureshi
Mohsin Qureshi

Digital Marketer

Vinayak Srinivas
Vinayak Srinivas

Full Stack, Cognitive Engineer & Analytics

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