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We are a P2P funding and investment marketplace providing SMEs with short-term working capital based on their trade receivables.



Q2 2019

Launch STO campaign

Start 1st phase of token sale

Scale and streamline operations

Q3 2019

Start 2nd phase of token sale

Add insurance partner and other banking partners

Start expansion plans to other cities

Launch Affiliate Program

Q4 2019

Complete final phase of token sale

Launch direct lending products

Add KYC/AML automation

Push for regulatory sandbox acceptance


. Symbol  -  FVND

. Available for sale  -  11 250 000

. STO Price  -  1 FVND = $0.70 - $1.00

. Accepts  -   USD, BTC, ETH

. Minimum goal  -  $1,000,000 USD

. Fundraising goal  -  $10,000,000 USD

. Min. investment  -  $10,000 USD

. Restricted areas  -  China, North Korea, Cuba, Iran, the Crimea Region or any other country that is      the subject of country-wide or territory-wide sanctions

. KYC  -  Required

. AML  -  Required

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