QuantmRE enables homeowners to release the value of the equity that is locked up in their homes without taking on more debt.

For Crypto Buyers
QuantmRE has created ???EQRE??? ??? a digital asset backed by a diversified, audited pool of real estate assets derived from the purchase of shared equity interests in US single family homes.
For crypto investors, EQRE is intended to be a token with measurable intrinsic value, potentially reducing the volatility and unpredictability suffered by other non-asset backed tokens. EQRE gives crypto investors the ability to make a passive investment in an audited pool of US single family real estate, representing access to a previously untapped $31 .8 Trillion market

For Investors wanting exposure to real estate assets.
QuantmRE???s ???Active Portfolio??? Real Estate Marketplace will enable independent investors to build, model, manage and trade a personalized portfolio of fractionalized real estate assets held on a Blockchain with a low minimum investment barrier
QuantmRE members who are homeowners will have the potential to generate returns from the equity value they have released from their homes by investing it in a diversified range of real estate assets. These real estate investments could generate additional income 
for the homeowner, or could deliver better returns compared to leaving their capital locked up as equity in their home.

For Homeowners.
QuantmRE???s Shared Equity program is designed to enable homeowners to release the so-called ???dead money??? that is locked up in the equity in their homes without taking on more debt. That means owner-occupiers, owners of second homes, vacation properties and income/rental homes could get access to significant amounts of capital with no interest to pay, no monthly payments, and no restrictions on how they might spend the money.

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. Symbol  -  EQRE

. Blockchain  -  Ethereum

. Token type  -  EQRE (ERC20)

. STO Price  -  1 EQRE = $1.00

. KYC  -  Required

. AML  -  Required



 Initial concept developed to offer shared equity financing

 JUNE 2017

 Initial concept to produce asset-backed token


 QuantmRE team assembled, first white paper

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