Crypto Token secured by Swiss real estate.

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SwissRealCoin is a security token linked to a portfolio of Swiss Commercial Real Estate ??? which gives it an ever growing inner value. Our mission is to revolutionize and automate real estate asset management with our blockchain software MIA (Management & Investment Assistant).

The SRC mechanism has been designed to create a crypto token with the full upside potential of crypto currencies



while protecting the downside through an inner value and sustainable growth. Two factors influence the inner value of SRC:

1) Income Reinvestment: 80% of the net rental income will be reinvested.
2) Price Mechanism: High demand can trigger a gate opening for more tokens to be sold.


. Symbol  -  SRC

. Available for sale  -  150 000 000 (93%)

. Total supply tokens  -  160 500 000

. STO Price  -  1 SRC = 1 CH"

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