Digitalising the Commodities industry

Start : 01st Jul 2019 End : 30th Sep 2019

Up to now, no one has produced an effective platform to bring commodity buyers and sellers together. The current method of checking availability and price discovering is conducted via email, phone, and chat, often using traders or brokers as intermediaries.
Designed by people who really understand the business, the platform works in a unique and subtle way. TradeCloud can build well-organised market places for differentiated, but similar products. The result is that TradeCloud brings all interested parties together to facilitate the most optimal trade. It does this in an efficient, secure and compliant way.
Live since October, 2017, TradeCloud has more than 200 member companies in 36 countries. Over US$ 600,000,000 worth of trades have been initiated on the platform.
The initial launch has focused on refined metals and recycled products, but TradeCloud will grow into a multi-commodity platform covering energy and agricultural products.
Tradecloud aims to build the Commodities Web on the blockchain whereby connected services such as freight, finance and insurance can drive a digital change across the commodities industry.



. Symbol  -  TCST

. Accepts  -  EUR, CHF, BTC, and ETH

. Minimum goal  -  5,000,000 USD

. Fundraising goal  -  42,000,000 USD

. Min. investment  -  Private sale - $25,000 | Public sale - $10,000

. KYC  -  Required

. AML  -  Required


 AUGUST 2016

 TradeCloud established



 Platform build starts



 Platform goes live

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