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1. Zcash Community Approves Changes To The Existing Mining Reward Plan

Zcash Community is in full support of mining reward changes, which is going to take effect by the end of the year.  the new reward distribution of mining would be 80% for miners, 8% for grants, 7% for the Electronic Coin, Company, and 5% for the Zcash Foundation. The change will take effect during the coin’s halving in November.

2. Cardano CEO Denies The Claims Of Ethereum 2.0 Copying Cardano

Charles Hoskinson denied the claims of Ehtereum 2.0 copying Cardano. Hoskinson noted in his tweet that both projects follow divergent paths and there’s no similarity between the two. The claim of two projects being similar was first made by Tradefeedz (a Reddit user). After experiencing Ethereum 2.0, Tradefeedz found it highly similar to ADA.

3. Andrew Yang Says Regulators Can't Stop People From Buying Bitcoin

The 2020 US Presidential candidate said that there's a lack of variety about regulation in the country which needs to be addressed. However, he is of the view that regulations aren't capable enough to stop people from buying bitcoin.

4. Backs Out From Its Proposed 12.5% Tax Amid Criticism

Roger Ver's, due to the community's outrage is backing out from their proposed 12.5 per cent mining tax they wanted to implement on Bitcoin cash mining.

Last week, this proposal came to people's attention, and it stated that the tax derived would go towards funding network development. It was met with massive backlash.

5. Former Houbi Executive Joins Binance To Lead Europe

Binance hired Josh Goodbody, the former executive at Houbi, as the Director of European and Latin American Growth and Institutional Business. Goodbody as the Director would lead regional growth of Binance and he would also develop the institutional markets of Binance on those regions.

6. GoLance Leverages Ripple’s On-demand Liquidity To Enhance Its Services

GoLance, an online workplace that connects freelancers to employers worldwide, has adopted Ripple’s On-Demand Liquidity solution for enabling cheap payments and fast delivery services for freelancers around the globe.

7. Japan Central Bank Executive Says The Country Must Be Ready To Launch CBDC

Masayoshi Amamiya, the deputy governor of the Bank of Japan, has demanded the nation to be in a position to put out a digital currency if the situation warrants, while Japan is still not in any hurry to issues a digital yen, Amamiya's stance is that there are multiple factors to pay heed to towards digital currencies.

8. Bittrex Exchange Insures its Cold Storage for up to $300 Million

United States-based cryptocurrency exchange firm, Bittrex has secured insurance cover of up to $300 million for its cold storage system. The firm announced on 30th January that the coverage will help safeguard the digital assets held in its cold storage system.

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1. Bitcoin Advocate Comes In Support Of Liebowitz Against Bitfinex

2. Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower Says Blockchain Can Solve Data Privacy Issue

3. Surojit Chatterjee, Ex-Google Executive Joins Coinbase

4. Coinbase to Launch Custody Unit in Dublin, Ireland

5. Bitcoin Bull Bids For NFL Players Association President

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