APE Technical Analysis - APE Buyers Ready To Reach $20

Apecoin, the native token of the APE Ecosystem, is inspired by the Bored Ape Yacht Club and is the top NFT token as per coinmarketcap.com.  The Apecoin has been making a loud noise in the segment and cracking multiple resistance levels last week. Before starting with the technical jargon, let’s see what the token price holds today!


$16.81 at 5:30 GMT, a remarkable growth of 19.00% in the last 24 hours, and reflects a long line-up of buyers!

Presuming the uptrend continues, with sustained buying pressure, the price could reach the $20 mark shortly.


Heading to the fundamental numbers, the intraday trading volume is almost $1.41 Bn and a live market cap of $4.76 Bn. So, the figures are precisely suited for the top NFT coin. 

APE coin price action displays a remarkable reversal from $14 yesterday, with the retest completion. The buyers stepping in at $14 changed the course of action and refueled the uptrend to surpass $16.50.


Let us take a more in-depth look into the technical analysis of the APE token and see what the price action and the technical indicators say about it.

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