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BitClout Review: What is it and how to use it? | Cryptoknowmics

BitClout is a new form of social network that allows you to bet real money on people and posts, and it's built on its custom blockchain from the ground up.


It features a much larger architecture and is similar to Bitcoin.


It can support complex social network data such as tweets, accounts, pages, and speculative features.


It's a proof-of-work blockchain designed to power social media platforms. It was developed by an unnamed community of programmers.


So why not get started with this emerging and captivating crypto network and buy your token based on your favourite personality!!


Every individual listed on the platform has their own Creator Coins. And you can invest in them!!


Follow the steps below to Sign-Up to BitClout!!


Step 1: Click on BitClout. And then go to the “Sign-Up” option.

Step 2: After this, you will be given a “Seed Phrase.” You will use this to Log-In.


Note: And you will get a twelve-word seed phrase. You'll come up with a phrase that's more imaginative than "word1" by "word12." Your login is your special seed phrase. The only one who has logged in.

Make a note of this Phrase. Don’t lose it!!


Step 3: After this step, you need to complete your profile set up by putting in your details. You may use it to accept text messages.


Step 4: Now it is time to set up your profile. Picking out your username and filling out the profile. There are 5 things that you need to fill out here-


a.    Username

b.    Avatar- Your Display Picture

c.    Description- Your 2-line Bio

d.    Founder Reward Percentage- The percentage of every dollar you get whenever people want to make/buy your CreatorCoins aka “You” coins. It’s like a tax you get to claim.

e.    Public Key- This is your BitClout “address”. It’s like an email or a snail mail address, but only for $BitClout (the dollar sign means the currency instead of the site itself).

After you are done with filling up everything, click on “Update Profile.”

And you are done!!


Now you are all set to buy tokens of your favourite personalities!!

BitClout in some ways decentralizes social media as Bitcoin decentralizes the financial system.


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