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1. Bitcoin Non-Zero Addresses Have More Active Users

With Bitcoin halving event just a few months away, Bitcoin proponents are quite optimistic about the price rise. However, recent data from Glassnode suggest the number of Bitcoin addresses with zero holdings has risen significantly and is at an all-time high.

2. "DISK", New Network Feature Of EOS For DApp Developers

The developers of EOS stated that new network resource, "DISK" can prove a better way for developers to keep some types of smart contract and DApp data. The new feature has a high capacity along with higher CPU consumption, unlike its RAM-based counterpart, that can potentially reduce the costs for developers.

3. Extortionist Responsible For Threatening Albert Heijn For Bitcoin Convicted

The North-Holland court has successfully convicted the man who extorted Ahold, the parent company of Albert Heijn for paying a large amount of bitcoin to him. The 23-year old man is sentenced for two years in prison, and he will also stay on probation for three whole years after that.

4. Cardano, like LTC and TRX, might surge to 20% within a week

Although altseason has begun, all the altcoins are facing an interim top causing the price to retrace and regroup for another rally. The formation of a bullish pattern shows a bullish outlook for Cardano. A small retracement of 3% is to be followed by a maximum breakout of 21% in under a week.

5. Alleged Drug Dealer Loses Keys For His €53.6M Worth Bitcoin

The drug dealer responsible for amassing €55 million worth Bitcoin confirmed that the keys to the wallets containing those bitcoins went missing. The alleged drug dealer. As per the reports, the dealer lost his keys which he was hiding in his fishing rod.

6. Litecoin's future in shambles, ride to $78 after 10% dip

Litecoin, the so-called copy of Bitcoin has performed considerably better than its copy, especially before Litecoin's halving. Similar to most altcoins, LTC has topped off and is in descent. As the descend comes close to an end, the price is ready for a surge of 12-14% but only after a drop.

7. Tron to see a potential 12-22% surge in the next week

Tron, the 15th largest cryptocurrency has been in a correction wave for over a week now. Priced at $0.020, the correction. Tron's correction is nearing an end, indicating the start of a potential uptrend. The potential uptrend is backed by the formation of a bullish wedge pattern.

8. Cryptocurrencies Valued $45 Million Stolen From Dreamhost Founder

A Chinese Investor, who appears to be Dreamhost founder, Josh Jones, has become the victim of SIM hacking, as one of the hackers stole almost $45 million worth of cryptocurrencies from his wallet. The hacker stole a large sum of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash from the victim’s account.


9. Ripple Launches Fraud Reporting Procedure To Report Illegal Activities

Ripple has created a page on its website to notify the foul play.  the reporting website will make the company conscious of fraudulent behaviours like theft, scams or unauthorized gateways which involves the XRP token.

10. Vodafone Promotes Bitcoin in Its Latest Ad

Vodafone was seen gaining Bitcoiners attention through a new Bitcoin advertisement on its Facebook page. Earlier, Vodafone became the 8th firm to disassociate itself from the Libra cryptocurrency project of Facebook.

11. Calibra Digital Lead, Ben Maurer Introduces New Programming Language For Libra

Ben Maurer, the Digital lead for Calibra, delivered a presentation on Libra’s new programming language, 'Move'. According to Maurer, Move is designed by Facebook to provide a secure as well as a programmable framework for the Libra blockchain. The Move would make it safe and easy to develop financial applications on Libra.

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