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1. Craig Wright Claims Present Versions of BTC And BCH Used His Database Without Authority

Craig Wright, the self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator, has claimed that the current BTC and BCH versions have broken contractual rights and used his database without his permission. He further said that in doing so, both BTC and BCH committed a theft of over $100 billion.

2. CBOB To Introduce Bahamian Digital Dollar In H2 2020

John Rolle, the Governor of Central Bank of Bahamas (CBOB), has said that they would introduce the digital Bahamian dollar across the island in the second half of 2020. Rolle made this claim while addressing the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employers Confederation (BCCEC).

3. Steemit Joins Hands With TRON, Migrates to Its Blockchain

In a move that is being labelled as yet another acquisition for Tron, the Tron Foundation entered into an extensive strategic partnership with Steemit. It's still not particularly evident whether it's a voluntary migration, or whether the Steem blockchain would carry on existing in its current state.

4. BitTorrent Speed Boasts Of More Users Than All DApps Combined

BitTorrent recently released a report, which suggests that BitTorrent Speed has more active users than all decentralized apps combined.  The report reveals that BitTorrent Speed is used daily by 195,000 active users with another 28,000 users installing it every day.

5. Brazil Exchanges Closing Its Crypto Accounts Due To Revised Regulations

The Brazilian government’s bid to prevent crypto-related frauds and scams through revision of crypto regulation policy has led to the closure of accounts of several cryptocurrency exchanges in the country. The exchanges are struggling because of the new policy requirements under which they face fines with increased compliance costs and reduced returns.

6. Binance Increases Cross-Collateral Loan Limit to $1 Million

Binance has announced that the maximum limit for cross-collateral loan for its future exchange is $1 million. The cross-collateral loan would allow users to use their first loan as a collateral to procure a second loan.

7. Bitcoin Dominance Declines While Altcoin Sees A Surge

A report by Tradingview reveals that while Bitcoin’s market share was 70% in 2019, it plummeted to 62.5% in 2020. The report says that although Bitcoin registered a tremendous growth of 44%, its growth looks dwarfed when compared to that of Ethereum, which rose by almost 120%.

8. Metamask Extension For Ethereum Wallet Hits One Million Users


MetaMask, the Ethereum wallet extension for browser, has recently passed over one million users for its Chrome browser extension. This comes in the wake of ETH prices hitting the seven-month high. The Ethereum wallet extension was created to bring Ethereum to the masses and to simplify its usage by integrating the blockchain into the browser.

9. Recently Launched Electroneum’s AnyTask Sees 80,000 Sign-ups

According to a report, AnyTask, the most recent Electroneum’s (ETN) freelance decentralized platform, has observed across 80,000 sign-ups and 700 tasks have been created on the newly launched platform. AnyTask was built to compete with global platforms such as, Fiverr and many others.

10. Block.One Launched Its Voice Platform on Valentine's Day, the firm behind the development of the EOS.IO software, launched a cryptocurrency-powered social media platform called Voice, on Valentine’s day. Social media posts suggest that Voice is actively asking its users to join the platform.

Other Headlines

1. IOHK Provides $500000 Donation To UW's Blockchain Lab

2. Technical Indicators Reflect Worrying Signals For Ether Amid 2020 Crypto Resurgence

3. CFTC Files Petition Against An Alleged Ponzi Scammer

4. Instacoins Cryptocurrency Broker Obtains Estonia’s Operating License

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