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1. Plasma Group Ends Its Ethereum Scalability Research

Plasma Group, a non-profit research organization announced in its blog on January 9 that it would no longer be studying Ethereum scalability. Instead, they would now divert their attention towards funding public goods as the next chapter in their story. They have also vowed to donate the remaining funds to Gitcoin.

2. Samsung Blockchain Phones Set To Feature Elrond Project

Samsung has announced that all its premium blockchain smartphones like Galaxy S10 and above will now feature Elrond project's gaming app - "Battle of Elrond." The multiplayer blockchain game would allow players to earn ERD [Elrond's native token] for passing certain levels in the game.

3. COBINHOOD Exchange Announces Closure, Public Calls It Exit Scam

Cobinhood, a Taiwan based cryptocurrency exchange has announced the closure of its services out of the blue. Many people called it an exit scam as the parent company of the exchange also announced *bankruptcy last year after raising millions from the public sale of its native token.

4. The State Of Illinois Legalizes Blockchain-Based Smart Contracts

The U.S. State of *Illinois took a giant leap in their efforts to further blockchain adoption by legalizing blockchain-based smart contracts under the blockchain technology act. The act took effect on 1st January and legalizes smart contracts, cryptographic hashes, and electronic records

5. Telegram Asks For 5-7 Weeks To Collect All The Details From The Token Sale

Telegram has asked for 5-7 weeks to collect all the financial and expenditure data about the use of funds raised during the public offering in 2017. The SEC in a court filing stopped Telegram from offering its GRAM token in the US and later also demanded to see the financial details about the $1.7 billion raised during 2017 ICO.

6. Elon Musk Teases the BTC Community With “Bitcoin is Not My Safe Word!” Comment

Elon Musk the famous serial entrepreneur has been known for his cheeky remarks and memes related to the crypto space. His most recent one being “ Bitcoin is not my safe word” is seen as a tongue in cheek remark on the BTC rally due to rising tensions between the US and Iran.

7. SEC Seeking Over $16 Million in Disgorgement From ICOBox

The U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has charged $16 million in *disgorgements and civil penalties from the ICOBox and its founder Nikolay*(*Evdokimove. ICOBox failed to register with the SEC and offered worthless tokens to the investors on the platform.

8. African Blockchain Initiatives Are Planning To Eliminate Ponzi Schemes

In Africa, cryptocurrencies have become instrumental for many organizations and social initiatives to help provide banking services to the unbanked. However, the region is also plagued with rising levels of frauds and Ponzi schemes which people are trying to counter using blockchain technology.

9. Huge ETH Bullish Wall Could Be Sufficient to Initiate a Parabolic Rally
Ethereum was trading at $144.01 at the time of writing seeing a minor decline from its daily high of $147. The momentum is still bullish for the altcoin and it may target to breach the key resistance of $150 in the coming week.

10. Technical Analysis For XRP/USD

XRP, the third-largest cryptocurrency by market cap was trading at $0.21 mark and has remained in the bearish zone. The altcoin is trying hard to break into the $0.22 mark and buyers are building the pressure to take the price in that zone.


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