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Here are the top 5 crypto news for the day!

Let’s dive into the news headlines one by one and see how they’ll be affecting the crypto space as we know it, in the coming days.


Grayscale to Unlock 16,000 Bitcoin Shares on July 19

Grayscale is about to flush the market with 16,000 Bitcoin shares on July 19. This is the fund’s largest unlocking in a single day and is expected to spike volatility as well as create a bullish outlook for the market. 


BTC Prices Surge Above $40,000 with Endorsement from Paul Tudor Jones

Hedge fund manager and legacy investor, Paul Tudor Jones II reinforced his support for Bitcoin with bullish comments on the asset’s feasibility. The billionaire called the digital currency “reliable and consistent” while expressing his desire to allocate 5% of his portfolio to BTC. Meanwhile, Bitcoin managed to break past the $40,000 mark following Tudor’s comments.


MicroStrategy to Acquire More Bitcoin with $500 Million Raised in Debt

MicroStrategy has raised $500 million from its private offering of senior secured notes due in 2028. The company intends to utilize the proceeds generated from the sale towards the further acquisition of Bitcoin. 


DeFi Technologies Announces Agreement with SDK:meta

DeFi Technologies has announced an agreement with SDK:meta, allowing it to obtain a 10% equity interest in the latter. SDK:meta is a privately held web3 blockchain technology company based in Michigan focused on the mass adoption of user-centric platforms and increasing mobile access for decentralized finance services.


Thailand Bans Meme Coins and NFT Trading in New Regulation

Thailand’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has announced banning meme tokens, exchange-issued tokens, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Last week, crypto exchanges were ordered to delist the coins, along with NFTs, utility tokens, and social tokens, within 30 days. Although the regulatory agency did not specify the exact coins, meme-based cryptocurrencies, like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu coin are likely to be affected.