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IOTA Co-founder Responds to Elon Musk’s “Dogs and Memes” Tweet


Dominik Schiener, the co-founder of IOTA Foundation, disagrees with Elon Musk who ironically denied all major altcoins because they have no ‘memes and dogs’. Schiener opined that the IOTA network also has its dogs and memes while sharing the popular “Doge and Cheems” meme in which IOTA’s Shiba Inu attacks Dogecoin’s dog.


Central Bank of South Africa Begins Preliminary Research into CBDC


The South African Reserve Bank has started preliminary research on the “desirability and appropriateness” of a retail central bank digital currency. The SARB described a retail CBDC as a cash-complimentary sovereign digital currency issued by the central bank that is suitable for electronic payments as part of its announcement.


Korean Cryptocurrency Exchange, Upbit, Intends to Expand Internationally


Sirgoo Lee, CEO of Upbit operator Dunamu, announced the crypto exchange’s potential growth plans. Upbit began operations in Thailand earlier this year after receiving four cryptocurrency-related operating licenses from the country’s regulators.


Ripple Named on CNBC’s Annual List of 50 Disruptor Firms 2021


Ripple Labs, the blockchain giant, has been named on CNBC’s annual list of 50 disruptor firms. The list also includes Flutterwave, a Ripple customer, and the Robinhood software, which helps investors to exchange stocks and cryptocurrencies.


Scott Minerd Believes that Bitcoin And Ethereum Will be Beaten by New Coin


Scott Minerd, the Chief Investment Officer of Guggenheim Partners, has recently shared his predictions in the latest CNBC interview that a new crypto coin has the potential to overcome Bitcoin and Ethereum. He also revealed that the new crypto coin will have the potential to overcome the cost issues of mining and other issues with these existing currencies and will be making it superior.