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Daily News Headlines | Latest Crypto News (2nd June 2021) | Cryptoknowmics

Here are the top 5 crypto news for the day!

Let’s dive into the news headlines one by one and see how they’ll be affecting the crypto space as we

know it, in the coming days.

Crypto Industry Expanding in Europe, Mobile Apps And ETPs in Development

The Crypto industry has seen a lot of advancements in Europe in recent times from the development of mobile apps to Exchange-Traded Products (ETPs). The recent expansion in the industry is due to the latest additions of ETPs by the exchanges amid growing individual as well as institutional interest.

Bitcoin Price to Fall Further by 50% According to Peter Brandt and JPMorgan

Veteran financial analyst and trader Peter Brandt and JPMorgan strategist Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou think that Bitcoin price is falling more since May after a 50% decrease. Bitcoin’s worth is now between $24,000 and $36,000 in the medium term.

Defi Protocol Uniswap Joins Forces with Dota 2 Team, Team Secret

An announcement made on June 1 revealed that Uniswap Labs has partnered with the professional Dota 2 Team, Team Secret. As revealed in the announcement regarding the recent partnership, Team Secret will be developing distinct content for the protocol while assisting in widening the reach of the firm.

Algorand Releases Version 1.0 of the Algo Builder Software

Decentralized blockchain network Algorand (ALGO) has released version 1.0 of its Algo Builder software that enables the building of Algorand dApps for enterprises as well as hackathon projects. The intention behind releasing version 1.0 of the Algo builder software is to make Algorand applications simple, efficient, and scalable.

Stellar (XLM) Blockchain Upgrades to Protocol 17 Update

Stellar (XLM) blockchain network has successfully upgraded to Protocol 17 on June 1, 2021, at 1500 UTC after validators voted in favor of the upgrade. Following the upgrade, a new Asset Clawback feature has been activated into the system that advances Stellar to comply with securities regulatory requirements in major jurisdictions.