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Former Software Engineer At Microsoft Convicted Of 18 Federal Felonies | Cryptoknowmics

Cryptoknowmics Today's News Headlines   27Feb20

1. Coinbase Wallet Includes Short Addresses To Make Crypto Transfers Easy

The users of Coinbase Wallet could now be able to transfer digital currencies to "short human-friendly addresses," in addition to the ones which were created with the help of Ethereum Name Service (ENS).

2. Asheesh Birla Cites Ripple MoneyGram Developing New Infrastructure Together

Asheesh Birla cited that MoneyGram and Ripple were developing new infrastructure to improve their remittance operation across the globe. Birla insisted the combined effort of the two firms has always been very high, continuing that the development of the market required loads of work.

3. Tron's bearish scene to halt; 20-40% surge in the coming weeks?

Tron has suffered a similar dip as other altcoins after hitting a local top. The first level of pushback for the price would be $0.020, after a 14% surge. Following this, the price would reach the first major level of resistance at $0.018. The next levels are $0.021, $0.022, and $0.024.

4. Finnish Authorities in Dilemma over Seized Bitcoin Worth $15M

The Finnish authorities had drawn up a plan in September 2018 to publically auction 1,666 Bitcoin that it had impounded over the years. However, fears that the sale would result in these digital assets ending up back in the hands of criminals has stopped these plans.

5. Bitcoin Cash sits above $10 resistance range, will it bounce or sink from here?

Bitcoin Cash's resurrection seems to have begun as the price has started to surge from the resistance zone. This resistance zone stretches from $310 to $298 and BCH's next move depends on whether the price pierces this zone or bounces from it.

6. Moody: Dubai’s Banks Consortium Credit Positive For The Banks In UAE

KYC blockchain consortium would help support UAE banks enhancing the quality of assets by conquering operational risk, said Moody.  Through distributed technologies powered by blockchain, the platform would enable secure and quicker onboarding as well as the exchange of authenticated digital data of customers.

7. Bank Of Canada Preparing For Scenarios That Could Affirm The Launch Of CBDC

Despite central banks not seeing any point to issue a Candian digital currency at the moment, it wants to prepare a capacity to launch retail cash-like digital currency for future needs. 

8. FinCEN Appoints Chainalysis Executive to ‘CONFRONT EMERGING THREATS’

FinCEN has moved to appoint former Chief of Strategic Advancement, Michael Mosier in a new role as the agency's Deputy Director and its first Digital Innovation Officer. He will help FinCEN to adjust to the ever-changing world of financial technology and digital assets
9. Former Software Engineer At Microsoft Convicted Of 18 Federal Felonies

A 25-year-old former Microsoft worker, Volodymyr Kvashuk is convicted for stealing a bunch of cryptocurrencies from its employer. The worker is charged with 18 federal felonies for stealing $10 million worth of digital currency and then using them for purchasing extravagant properties.


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