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Cryptoknowmics Headlines 14th Feb

1. DTCC Calls For DLT Specific Security Framework

DTCC stated the need to update the traditional IT security frameworks to incorporate blockchain. The firm published a new white paper for the creation of DLT-specific Framework and an industry consortium to originate into guidelines and regulations for the sector.

2. Binance’s Order Book Delays Block Profits Of The Exchange

The anomaly in the order book of Binance first came into the picture when the crypto enthusiast Golden Elohim posted a twitter video. According to him, the QSP/BTC order book did not remove the buy orders that were already executed. Other users faced a similar issue.

3. Ripple and Coinbase Among America's Biggest Fintech Firms

Ripple is making huge progress every day to champion the remittance space. The blockchain firm, now ranked as the second most valuable fintech company in the U.S; sold $500 million of XRP back in 2019. While Coinbase is ranked as the third most valuable fintech firm in the United States.

4. DropBit CEO Charged With Money Laundering By US Authorities

The CEO of the crypto wallet provider, DropBit, was prosecuted for intentionally laundering $311 million worth BTC for darknet transactions. Federal Court charged Lary Dean Harmon for allegedly being involved in illegal transactions in underground marketplaces.

5. Patent Applications Help Digital Yuan's Launch Picks up The Pace

The Chinese have clearly been impressed by Blockchain technology even if it never was a fan of cryptocurrencies. Digital yuan is in the pipeline, and now, further regulations are being developed to digitize it. Financial Times reports that 80 patents applications have been filed by the People’s Bank of China

6. Ether and Fortnite Delisted as Convertible Virtual Currency by IRS

The United State’s tax collection agency, the Internal Revenue Authority (IRS), has removed ether plus two other gaming tokens from among the list of convertible virtual currencies. The two other popular gaming tokens are Fortnite’s V-bucks and Roblox’s Robux.

7. FC Barcelona Partnered With Chiliz To Have Its Own Barca Fan Token

Lionel Messi led Spain’s soccer club FC Barcelona has announced its partnership with Chiliz, the sports-focused blockchain startup to provide its 300 million+ fans voting power globally. Chiliz will help Barca have its own Barca Fan Token (BAR) by the second quarter of the year.

8. GlobalData Report Suggests Indian Banks Will Increasingly Use Blockchain

The leading data and analytics company, GlobalData has released a report recently, which stated that from the year 2020, the Indian banking sector would witness the growth in the use of blockchain technology, as many of leading banks have actively been participating in blockchain investment.

9. EOS Authority Fake Bot Scam Explodes On Telegram

A hoax EOS authority bot has been found to be popping up on Telegram which asks the users to hand over private keys of their accounts to monitor their funds. So far, many users have warned about the scam, which advises EOS holders not to disclose confidential information on any messaging app.

10. MoneyGram Launches FastSend Service For Its Customers

The peer-to-peer money transfer giants Moneygram, who entered in a partnership with Ripple in 2019 and received 2/3rd portions of investments from it, has now enabled a new peer-to-peer service called MoneyGram FastSend for cross-border remittance.


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1. Bitfinex Desists Support For ERC20 Zilliqa (ZIL) After Token Swap Completion

2. Coinbase Ranks as The Most Secure Cryptocurrency Exchange Firm

3. Canaan Sees More Than 80% Rise In Its Stock Price

4. Binance.US Cites Ripple XRP As Future Of Banking Remittance Services

5. Blockchain Alluring For Cloud Vendors, Amazon Triumphs

6. Margin Trading Launched by Coinbase For US Users

7. Coinbase Custody Gets SOC 1 and SOC 2: Grant Thornton Report

8. Northern Data and Japan’s SBI Crypto Announces Strategic Partnership

9. Ripple’s Xpring And Mastercard Join Blockchain Education Alliance

10. Bank Asia Limited of Bangladesh, a Ripple Member

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