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Daily Crypto News Headlines

1. Bitcoin Jesus' Bitcoin Cash to perform splendidly in the coming week

Bitcoin Cash has had a hard time ever since it split off from the parent chain. Fortunately, the recent price surges have provided for things to fall into place. Bitcoin Cash is at its wit's end aka the support at $368. This support will help push the price of BCH higher, potentially up to $427.

2. Changpeng Zhao's Take on The Upcoming Bitcoin Halving

CEO of crypto exchange Binance, Changpeng Zhao has suggested that the highly bullish block reward halving factor hasn't kicked in, thus current bitcoins (BTC) price volatility is not to be worried about. He also suggested that Bitcoin’s movement will go upwards either after the halving or just prior to it.

3. Hacker Transfers $606,000 Worth ETH Hacked From bZx

The hackers who previously exploited many loopholes on bZx DeFi protocol has been noticed transferring the funds to another address.  the hacker started moving Eth around 03:43 UTC first and then the next movement happened around 04:15 on February 20.

4. CME Bitcoin Futures Top $1 Billion For The Third Time

The markets related to Bitcoin futures have recently been quite active and seeing great daily volumes. Yesterday, the CME Bitcoin futures market's daily volume exceeded $1 billion again for the third time.

5. Bitcoin's Revisit to $9,450 and $9,275 More Plausible After Yesterday's Drop

Bitcoin's volatility is like no other, it causes the price to fluctuate anywhere between $500 to $1,500 dollars. Yesterday's drop was a demonstration of the volatility. BTC dropped from the $10,100 range to $9,200 range, opening floodgates of liquidations. Bitcoin's stance at $9,600 is fleeting. A collapse below seems likely.

6. PIX Announced by Bank of Brazil to Tackle Cryptocurrencies

Reports on Wednesday from Reuters suggested the PIX project, started by the Central Bank of Brazil will provide payments via mobile apps, ATM's and internet banking within ten seconds. The new initiative has been introduced to take on the popularity of cryptocurrencies.

7. Mt Gox Creditors Receive A Raised Buyout Offer From Fortress Group

Fortress Investment Group has raised its proposal to buy claims from creditors who wasted funds in the notorious $480 million Mt. Gox hack. The group, which intended to benefit by finally recovering the Bitcoin, increased its offer on the digital currency to 88% of the account value estimated.

8. Wilshire Phoenix Bitcoin ETF Application May Get Rejected By SEC

The Wilshire Bitcoin ETF might not become a reality anytime soon. The Securities and Exchange Commission will be deciding on the fate of Wilshire Bitcoin exchange-traded fund by Feb. 26 and the chances of approval are very thin; especially given that the SEC has turned down every other ETF presented to them.

9. Gemcoin Founder Plead Guilty In $147 million Currency Scam

A South California man, Steve Chen, on February 19, 2020, accepted to have committed wire fraud and tax evasion in a plea agreement. The 62-year-old admitted that he along with a few other conspirators conned 70,000 investors by promoting a fraud cryptocurrency called Gemcoin and bilked around $147 million from them.

10. European Union Ambiguous About Facebook’s Libra

As the launch of Facebook cryptocurrency libra is near, the European Union is finding it hard to figure out what to do about it. A memo released on February 19th by the European Commission noted that Libra association has been not able to answer all the questions from the EU.