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Cryptoknowmics Headlines 4th March

1. Tezos Offers $1000 Prize To Medical Researchers Of COVID-19

The blockchain network, Tezos came up with a philanthropic goal which motivates the users to contribute their additional computing power to the medical research institutions who are involved in the research associated with Coronavirus 

2. Chainlink And DMM To Integrate Real-world Assets Into DeFi

Chainlink announced its association with the DeFi Money Market (DMM) to provide money markets of higher yield on Eth mainnet financed by tokenized real-world assets. Apart from mentioning Chainlink collaboration, the firm noted that there would be exponential growth for crypto assets in the upcoming few years

3. Only Four New Blockchain Companies Were Founded In Israel In 2019

A survey by Globes recently revealed that the blockchain firms in Israel are not only affected in recent years, but the founding of new companies has almost completely halted. It is due to the drop in the global cryptocurrency market that happened in late 2018, which is also referred to as crypto-winter. 

4. Court Discovers iSignthis Users Ran False Bitcoin Ads

A court has found that an online trading platform from Australia that was a client of iSignthis, a suspicious ASX-listed group, attracted investors via false online ads, which advertised that celebrities encouraged bitcoin trading products, and in doing so behaved in an unethical manner.

5. I Would Make Bitcoin A National Currency: Venture Capitalist Tim Draper

If elected for the Presidency, Tim Draper proposed to complete the Six Californias initiative,make Bitcoin a national currency and introduce 5G all across the United States. Draper the venture capitalist and a major Bitcoin bull made his intentions clear when enquired about his plans if he takes charge as President.

In Other Crypto News

1. DOGE Community Rejoice as Elon Musk Tweets in Support

2. WBTC On Ethereum To Surpass Lightning Network In Value

3. Marshall Islands Unveils First Algorand-Based Digital Currency

4. US Treasury Discusses Future Prospective Of Crypto Assets

5. Diginex Announced Vicki Tan as Head of Compliance

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