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Cryptoknowmics News Headlines for 21 January 2020

1. Peter Schiff Locks Out of his Bitcoin wallet Calls Bitcoin Unsafe

Famous gold proponent and Bitcoin basher Peter Schiff recently tweeted about losing access to his Bitcoin wallet. Schiff's tweet thread suggested that he was frozen out of the Bitcoin wallet and it was no longer accepting his password.

2. South Korea “Examines” 20% Tax on Cryptocurrencies

South Korean Finance Ministry is planning to impose 20 per cent tax on income gained from cryptocurrency transactions. If sources are to be believed, the government may categorize the gains from trading of cryptocurrency as ‘other income’ and not as capital gains.

3. Cardano's Hoskinson Discusses The Anticipation Around Ouroborus

Recently Charles Hoskinson, Founder and CEO of blockchain engineering firm IOHK, suggested that the anticipations are high form Cardano ecosystem for OBFT fork in mid-February. Hoskinson revealed that the firm has been in talks with its exchange partners, which make it certain that the essential infrastructure is in place for the hard work.

4. Israel Finds Hamas's New Bitcoin Front With Iran Links

The Interdisciplinary Center's (IDC) Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT) has found a new Bitcoin link to the Palestinian Sunni-Islamic fundamentalist militant organization Hamas. The exclusive report also claimed Hamas's new Bitcoin front has Iran links as well.

5. Chainalysis Refuses Criticizing Binance With Its 2020 Crypto Report

Chainalysis has rejected the claim that Udi Wertheimer threw its "biggest client Binance under the bus" by saying that the exchange is the largest receiver of bitcoins that are illicit.

Chainalysis cited that its crypto research report was fashioned to reflect a glistering light on illegal activities while also supporting the efforts of the exchanges like Binance, and law enforcement to make cryptocurrency more reliable for people's use.

6. Thailand SEC Grant Digital Exchange License to Zipmex

Zipmex now has the authority to operationalise in Thailand’s cryptocurrency market after SEC granted a digital exchange license. Zipmex, the cryptocurrency exchange which is currently operating in Singapore, Indonesia and Australia, received the green flag from SEC of Thailand for its operation.

7. FinNexus Set To Launch Tokenized Asset Platform On XRP Ledger

FinNexus has recently planned to start a digital asset platform on the XRP Ledger. The "single window protocol" of FinNexus has been built on the three principles of the fast-evolving decentralized finance ecosystem: value, diversity and convenience.

8. Rotki’s Crypto Tax Reporting Tool To Integrate De-Fi Support

Rotki, an open-source cryptocurrency portfolio tracking solution is planning to prioritize De-Fi Tax Reporting Solution. The platform is aiming to avail De-Fi centred grant access to accounting, analytics and tax reporting features for the users all over the world.


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