Step by Step Tutorial to Withdraw CKM Tokens

To transfer your CKM token from Probit global, you need to login into your probit global account first.

If you still haven’t registered yourself on Probit Global, you can refer to our Probit Global Sign-up video tutorial on our Youtube channel CRYPTOKNOWMICS.

Once your signup process is completed, select Deposit from the menu bar.

A KYC authentication screen will appear in front of you.


Complete this step. KYC authentication is mandatory to withdraw your CKM tokens.

From the drop-down menu select the CKM token. The hence generated URL link, visible on top of the screen is to be copied now.


Now go to the official website of trumkart, and, and login with your registered account.


Click on the Menu tab and select the “WITHDRAW” option from the list. Now click on the “WITHDRAW” button from the list of options seen on the screen. 

Type the number of CKM Tokens you want to withdraw in the “AMOUNT” column and paste the URL link copied from the Probit Global Screen in the “WITHDRAW ADDRESS” column and click on withdraw.


You have now successfully withdrawn your CKM tokens from Probit Global

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