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1. UFC Fighter Ben Askren Calls Ripple's XRP A 'Scam'

UFC champion Ben Askren has recently annoyed the XRP Army, calling the third-largest cryptocurrency a scam on Twitter. Askren's tweet immediately went viral as it got 1,500 likes at the moment of writing and prompted another war between several crypto camps. 

2. Largest Japanese Consulting Firm To Start New Cryptocurrency Index

Nomura Research Institute, the biggest Japanese consulting firm recently tied up with Intelligence Unit, a crypto investment solution provider to start a tradable cryptocurrency index. A press release which was published on January 29 stated the new index's name was NRI/IO Crypto-Asset Index, and the index would be used by financial institutions.

3. Gun Smuggling via Bitcoin Poses a New Challenge to US Feds

US feds have discovered that gun smugglers are using Bitcoin in their operations. A 36-year old Bosnian immigrant, Hany Veletanlic, has been sentenced to seven years in federal prison for selling illegally modified guns and gun parts in lieu of Bitcoin.

4. Chainalysis Study Shows Bitcoin Use In Darknet Market Grows

According to the Chainalysis report, since the year 2018, the use of Bitcoin in the darknet market has grown up to 70 per cent. It was the first time the Bitcoin sales surpassed $600 million. The Chainalysis report also mentioned that the share of overall incoming cryptocurrency on the darknet market has increased for the first time, since the year 2015.

5. Bitcoin Accepted by Swiss Ski Resort Zermatt For Tax Payments

The iconic ski resort of Zermatt is allowing residents to pay their tax bills via Bitcoin, becoming the second local authority to do so. Lying below the Matterhorn mountain, Zermatt has revealed that it will accept all sorts of tax payments through the cryptocurrency, with no restrictions on the amount paid via Bitcoin.

6. Bakkt’s Bitcoin Options Registers Zero Trading Volume in the Last 10 Days

Bakkt which is owned by Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) has experienced a very low-spirited performance of the Bitcoin’s options. Bakkt Bitcoin options have not seen a single trade opened over the last 10 days. Moreover, Skew blockchain data provider indicates that Bakkt has seen a significant drop in open contracts since mid-January.

7. Bitcoin IRA Exceeds $400 Million Transaction Since 2016

Bitcoin IRA a US-based technology firm that offers individual retirement accounts compatible with digital currencies has made significant progress since its launch. Since its launch, the IRA, which is based in Los Angeles, has processed more than $400 million in investments. 

8. ZebPay Crypto Exchange To Make India Return in 2020

ZebPay, the Indian crypto exchange which had to shift its operational base to Malta amid regulatory uncertainty and RBI's banking ban is returning to India in the coming months.  The exchange sent out an email to its Indian customers stating that they are planning a homecoming in 2020 with a new business model and all-new team in the coming months.

9. Paris St. Germain F.C. Introduces Fans’ Crypto Voting Scheme

The French football club, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) has just introduced a new cryptocurrency token that allows the club’s fans to vote on multiple aspects of the giant football club. The tokens which will be availed through a Pokemon Go-style app dubbed Socios will grant fans a straight voice in the club’s decision making.

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1. John McAfee Slams Bitcoin Calls It The Real Shitcoin

2. CNBC Poll Shows 1 in 4 Americans Are Still Unbanked

3. Cryptocurrency Deposits Fall By Half At Metropolitan Commercial Bank

4. Facebook's Libra Targeted by Scammers Via a Fake ICO on Twitter

5. U.K. Court Directs Bitfinex To Suspend Account Associated With Ransomware Attack

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