21Shares to Launch Bitcoin ETP, Partnering With GHOC on Aquis Exchange

June 7, 2021      Sahaj Sharma

It has been recently revealed that 21Shares is all set to launch a Bitcoin ETP in partnership with GHOC on Aquis Exchange for professional investors based in the United Kingdom and France. Investors based in the UK and France will now be able to acquire BTC exposure through a Bitcoin ETP introduced by 21Shares.

21Shares Partners GHOC, Launching Bitcoin ETP on Aquis Exchange

The organization based in Zug, Switzerland has recently made an announcement revealing that its ETP tracking the performance of the flagship cryptocurrency will now be made available on the Aquis Exchange.

21Shares has already launched a number of ETPs in the past few years, and as reported, the largest ETP of the firm is about to be launched.

It has been revealed in a press release that the listing of the ETP will become possible after partnering with a significant marker-maker and lucidity provider excelling in ETFs, GHOC.

As a result of this partnership, the 21Shares Bitcoin ETP, ABTC, is going to launch on the Aquis Exchange and as revealed in a statement:

“Pan-European MTF business based in London and Paris which offers trading in some of the biggest and most liquid stocks across 15 European markets.”

BTC ETP to be Centrally Cleared

BTC ETP is going to be developed the same way as an ETF, which means that it is going to be centrally cleared. Consequently, the institutional investors in France and the United Kingdom will be getting exposure to Bitcoin through a regulated framework and structure to which they are already accustomed to.

Hany Rashwan, the CEO of 21Shares said:

“This is the right time to bring our successful crypto ETP to the institutional UK market. Our strong track record and existing institutional reach across continental Europe means that investors can confidently gain exposure to Bitcoin via a liquid and conventional investment product.”

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Sahaj Sharma
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