Best IEO To Invest In 2020 | How To Buy IEO Tokens?

Tarulika  |  Apr 21, 2020

As crypto space is diversifying with multiple projects with new and old investors to support the ventures and wish to earn profits associated with them. Mainly three approaches are popular in the crypto marketplace for crowd fundraising, namely ICO, IEO and STO. Undoubtedly, ICO proved to be the most simpler method to raise the funds and also to buy ICO tokens, but questions have swirled around regulatory compliance and the fake ICOs being issued in the last few years. Amid, the chaos related to ICOs, Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) is crawling out as one of the reliable and secured tools to both issuers and investors. In this article let us briefly learn about what is IEO, suitable platforms to buy IEO tokens and also unveil the list of best IEO to invest in 2020.

What is an IEO? | Best IEO To Invest In 2020

An Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) is one of the emerging procedures to boost up the funds by the ventures planning to launch a new project. Also, investors are considering IEO as the secured option for their funds to invest. As the name suggests, IEO is conducted on the platform of crypto exchange under their supervision. Unlike ICO, the token issuer in the case of IEO has to pay a nominal fee involved in listing the IEO on the particular exchange along with a certain percentage of the token sold during the IEO. But fees seem to be worth it, as to tokens are sold on the platforms of exchange and also listed once IEO is over. Also, as an added advantage, exchange helps token issuer in their marketing operations.

On the other hand, investors who wish to buy Initial Exchange Offering might have fewer trust issues due to the reputation of the best bitcoin exchanges involved in the crowd sale of the IEO. Thus, IEO can prove to be as one of the methods to minimize the dubious and scam projects and filtrate crypto space.

IEO Investment Platforms

As the IEO is gaining the traction in crypto marketplace, the best exchanges for trading bitcoin are also launching their platform exclusively for IEO. To choose the best IEO to invest in 2020, you can choose your IEO investment platform from the following:

  • Binance Launchpad: Well known in the crypto industry and successful IEOs like Bread, Gifto, Bittorent, Celer, Fetch and one upcoming called Maric are launched on its platform.
  • Huobi Prime.
  • OKEx Jumpsmart.
  • Coineal Launchpad.
  • ZBG Launchpad.
  • BW Launchpad.
  • Coinbene.
  • BGOGO Apollo.
  • All of the mentioned investment platforms have already established their position as the well-known crypto trading platform so crypto enthusiasts might not have trust issues while purchasing IEOs from these well-known platforms. But now the question remains how to purchase IEO?

    How To Buy IEO Tokens?


    how to buy ieo tokens


    So, want to buy Initial Exchange Offering of a particular recommended project or temp by the advertisement seen on any website? Wanted the best IEO to invest in 2020?

    • Before buying any IEO token, you must review the particular IEO (can use sites like Coincodex etc) and read guidelines thoroughly.
    • Once you are confirmed with the project, try to find same on the investment platforms from where you can purchase it (preferably start searching from familiar exchanges).
    • So, project search done! Exchange search done! Now you have to follow the procedure that you are already well aware of. Sign up for an IEO purchase account (similar to the way you create your account for crypto trading).
    • Fund your account from crypto wallet with the tokens accepted by the IEO (Don’t forget to check the coins accepted by the exchange).
    • Wait till the IEO start purchasing your coins in exchange for the particular tokens(Generally short waiting time!).
    • Do not forget to transfer the new tokens to transfer in your wallet.
    • By following this easy and well-known method, you can initiate your investment in the IEO (don’t forget to read the minimum limit of the investment) by searching for the best IEO to invest in 2020. Further, you can trade the new tokens once they got listed on the exchange after the period for raising the funds got over. Innovative projects and reputed exchanges can turn your funds into profits. Now let us try to provide you with list top IEO 2020 so that you can initiate your search for the best project.

      Best IEO To Invest In 2020


      Best IEO To Invest In 2020


      As the renowned exchanges are opening the launchpads for new projects, many new ventures are utilizing these platforms to raise the funds form investors. We handpicked a few of the best IEO to invest in 2020, which are having the potential to boom the marketplace. Still, you should research carefully related to the vision, mission, features, team members and many other factors associated with the project.

      • Multichain Ventures: The parent company of entities like Cubed, Eden and many more issued their token to provide universal crypto merchant solutions based on blockchain technology. The company is already famous for making tools for facilitating supply chain management.
      • HelloTig: Provides you with the seamless and secured mode of payment via a social media platform in almost every currency without any transaction fees. You can easily deposit and withdraw the funds with easy bank transfer or credit/debit cards.
      • KingCasino: Licensed online crypto casino site which offers thousands of games to the enthusiasts and increases the popularity of online crypto gaming. By owning KCT tokens, investor turns into shareholder who receives quarterly dividend based on the share.
      • Simbcoin: Global investment trading platform has a token based on ERC20 standards which aim to generate profits from varied sectors like that of real estate, sustainable energy resources and also from crypto mining.
      • Hundreds of IEOs are available in the crypto space, you just need to find the one which suits your requirements and one which has promising goals. The IEO which will earn you millions will turn to you the best IEO to invest in 2020.

        Summing Up

        It might be obvious to conclude that the new ventures or projects based on blockchain technology issuing the tokens are more to come in the upcoming technological era. So, IEOs along with other fundraising tools are here to exist. As IEO is conducted and administered by the platforms of the reputed exchanges, it increases the chances for IEO to become one of the first choices to raise funds and also for investment. It has the potential of turning into a standardized model of raising funds. Though we had provided you with the list of best IEO to invest in 2020, you should not skip your homework of researching about the project details.

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