Binance.US Looking on Listing TRON,Tezos, Enjin after Listing 26 Tokens
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Binance.US Looking on Listing TRON,Tezos, Enjin after Listing 26 Tokens

December 12, 2019      Mary Brendah

Binance’s trading platform for customers based in the United States, Binance.US is considering has announced that it is considering the idea of adding support for 18 more crypto assets. 
Also, Binance.US was launched back in September 2019 and it is a digital assets market place powered by matching engine and wallet technologies” licensed from Binance but it is run by BAM Trading Services. 
On Dec. 10 the CEO of Binance.US Catherine Coley posted a blogpost providing a recap of all BInance.US’s achievements since its establishment. The main achievement is listing 26 crypto assets.
Moreover, in what Binance America considers a big move, the cryptocurrency market place is exploring adding 18 more digital currencies which include  TRON (TRX), Tezos (XTZ), NEM (XEM), Enjin (ENJ), IOST, OmiseGo, Ontology, ICX, CELR, DCR, FTM, ICX, KMD, ONE, REN, SNT, THETA, TOMO, and HBAR.

Binance.US Evaluating Digital Assets to List

However, it is not certain which crypto asset will be listed. Coley noted that  Binance.US is using its Digital Asset Risk Assessment Framework to evaluate and decide on which of the 18 assets to list.
 Since its launch in September, Binance.US has been performing very well. In particular, the exchange started a VIP program and introduced a 25% lower trading fees for users who hold the Binance coin. The platform’s aim is to keep providing FDIC insurance coverage to its user’s deposits and will keep appreciating its new customers with a $15 and over 30 days of free trading.

Promise of Further Support

Furthermore, Coley promises to even provide further support for Binance.US users. The firm is getting in more employees for its San Francisco team to enhance new ways to ease users life in the crypto ecosystem on the platform.
In conclusion, Binance.US is vividly intending to expanding its exchange platform to meet its central exchange in terms of support and availability. Undoubtedly Binance.US will attract more users as Binance original platform has attracted customers globally.

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