Bittrex’s $ADA Wallet Once Again Starts Processing Deposits And Withdrawals

Jyoti  |  Sep 28, 2020

Soon after the Cardano protocol was updated, the $ADA wallet of Bittrex started working. Now the users can deposit and withdraw their funds from it. 

$ADA Being Operated On Old Code

After the announcement was made, the CEO of IOHK, Charles Hoskinson, addressed its community and informed them about the Bittrex wallet update, for which they have waited for so long.  

Hoskinson referred $ADA as the most broken wallet because it was being operated on very old and bad codes. 

The CEO of IOHK further stated that the engineers, who had developed the wallet code earlier, are currently not working with the company, therefore, it has been a very difficult task for them to update the code.

The users of the Bittrex wallet when came to know about the issue, took it to Reddit in order to express their concern. Some of the users had said that due to geographical limitations they were unable to use the Binance wallet and Kraken wallet, therefore, they were using Bittrex.

The users also mentioned that even though the company knows about the $ADA wallet issue, they are not updating its protocol.

Cardano-Bittrex Developers Fix $ADA Wallet's Issue

One of the users of the $ADA wallet, while sharing his views on Reddit, said, “Bittrex is taking longer to update Cardano to Shelley than any other exchange. While I can understand some delay, I absolutely condemn them for total lack of communication.”

The user at that time was very upset with the services of Bittrex, and while criticizing the exchange he further stated that presently, millions of ADA have been locked in Bittrex’s wallet but still the exchange did not reveal any information regarding its update.

However, now the $ADA wallet issue has been resolved. The developers of Bittrex and Cardano worked together on it. 

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