BUX Rolls Out Cryptocurrency Platform ‘BUX Crypto’

Shailesh Panwar by Shailesh Panwar - 07:08 PM Feb 22, 2020
BUX Rolls Out Cryptocurrency Platform ‘BUX Crypto’

BUX, a retail brokerage company from Amsterdam, declared the 'soft launch' of its cryptocurrency trading platform, which was planned for the March's first week. However, BUX did not aim for quick rapid user acquisition. The crypto platform, termed as 'BUX Crypto,' was the branded crypto investment app that would start onboarding the initial testers in a managed way to ensure the platform performs in a stable condition.

What Is The Aim Of The Platform

BUX Crypto has reached the production stage after completing its beta testing successfully. Reportedly, the 'soft launch' has passed several default tests which monitor for related to with the user interface of the trading platform, its data management and order book design.

This would enable the company to perform final tests related to the platform, spot and fix bugs before the formal launch later this month or earlier in March.

??? ?????? is coming: make sure you're among the first to use the platform! #BUXCryptohttps://t.co/upKo2IEDm5 — BUX (@bux) February 20, 2020

BUX Competes With Offering From Other Companies In Europe

At the beginning of January, the firm acquired a crypto investment platform from Europe called Blockport. The goal was to increase its service offerings further. Blockport would be reintroduced as BUX Crypto and would act as a crypto service provider for Dutch Central Bank (DNB) within the BUX brand.

According to the press release from BUX, the crypto service would be accessible within nine countries from Europe in which Bux functions. Users would gain access to a variety of crypto assets, including Ethereum, Bitcoin and XRP. The firm was assumed to expand their development team to promote their growth as they began introducing the product across the continent. It also aimed to prepare its platform for more liquid assets.

Nick Bortot started BUX in 2014 in Amsterdam. The company aimed to present European traders with great expertise though it has lately begun its brokering service within the organization. Besides cryptocurrencies, BUX also provided zero-commission investing that allowed customers to spend in companies and brands they want through its app.

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